The podcast hosting company Acast is teaming up with Podcastle. The tie-up will mean that Acast podcasters can now get free access to Podcastle’s web-based podcast production solution, including the tools creators need to record and edit their show in studio-grade quality, simply by clicking through from the “episode creation” page of their Acast dashboard.
“We’re enabling a seamless all-in-one solution for podcasters with this partnership,” said Podcastle CEO Arto Yeritsyan in the announcement. “Combining Podcastle’s powerful suite of intuitive recording and editing tools with Acast’s vast distribution and monetization platform, podcasters now truly have a one-stop shop for their broadcast storytelling needs.”
The initial phase of the partnership gives Acast podcasters access to Podcastle features including multi-track recording, unlimited editing and mixing, and advanced audio processing. The commonality among the features is they are all web-based tools that shun the need of fancy equipment. That includes a library of license-free music and sounds, and its “Magic Dust” feature which automatically enhances content to give it that professional studio touch, along with AI-powered echo and noise cancellation, and silence removal.
“This is the first time we’ve ever offered an audio recording and editing option to our podcasters, so we needed a partner that would deliver a reliable, world-class service,” said Jenny Abonde, Product Manager at Acast. “Thanks to our partnership with Podcastle, every Acast creator now has access to studio-quality software, completely free of charge.”
Podcastle announced in October that it had raised $7 million in new funding. At the time, Podcastle said it was working with about 150,000 creators and it had debuted several production tools on its creation platform that enable producers to convert text into podcasts in seconds; create new audio content from video, voice and text; and edit audio with high production quality. The AI-powered audio content creation platform says it also features noise cancellation, audio correction, and audio editing via text edits.


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