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Accomplished industry leaders form ad revenue management software company to better manage and transact audience data in the first-party identity era. AI platform tools and data solutions aim to realign and strengthen the sell-side's audience value proposition.
NEW YORK, Oct. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ArcSpan Media (, a New York-based, independent, next-generation audience revenue monetization and optimization company, is pleased to announce the debut of its Audience Engine SaaS platform and the hiring of a well-recognized and highly accomplished leadership team representing both sell-side and buy-side adtech experts.
The company was founded to help leading digital publishers and brands take control of their audience monetization operations and navigate the evolving first-party data "Identity Revolution." Through a purpose-built advertising revenue platform supporting digital revenue operations and management teams, ArcSpan's software integrates addressable audience data management solutions with digital sales tracking and optimization tools to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and scale of digital advertising success. ArcSpan's product suite is organized to deliver breakthrough on-site, off-site and retail/eCommerce audience monetization sales results.
ArcSpan's co-founders are Arthur Muldoon, CEO, and Garret Vreeland, CCO. The two previously worked together at Accordant Media, a buy-side adtech startup that Muldoon co-founded and served as CEO and Vreeland was CRO until Accordant's sale to Dentsu Aegis Network. Muldoon brings 25 years of digital media, data and technology leadership experience including Avenue A | Razorfish (aQuantive), Dentsu Aegis and Corbis Images. Vreeland brings 30 years of digital media, sell-side advertising and technology leadership experience including Right Media, Yahoo! and akamai.
ArcSpan is also excited to announce the recruitment of three extremely talented and highly respected adtech leaders who have joined the executive management team. Chris Guenther, former SVP Global Programmatic Media, NewsCorp, is ArcSpan's COO. Chris brings over 15 years' sell-side experience from blue chip publishers including NewsCorp, Hearst and Conde Nast. Balaji Rao, former SVP Technology, dentsu International, joins ArcSpan as SVP Engineering. Balaji brings 25 years of data architecture and software engineering experience including Accordant Media, Avaya, and Demdex (Adobe). As the first employee at Demdex, Rao designed and developed one of the industry's original DMPs which today remains the foundation of the Adobe Audience Manager product. James Dempsey, former Sales Director, Beeswax (acquired by Comcast), is Head of Data Solutions. Dempsey is London-based and earlier served as Director of Trading at Accordant Media and Amnet.
"Publishers lament that as little as 20% of their total audience end up organized in addressable audience segments. This is obviously a huge sales impediment," says Art Muldoon, Co-founder and CEO. "ArcSpan looks to help publishers realize a step change in their digital revenue results. Through seamlessly organizing audiences into more marketable segment profiles, scaling the size of the overall addressable audience pool, enhancing/tracking the sales pathways, and optimizing against sales KPIs, publishers now have a dedicated revenue management platform to take control over their audience monetization activities."
Adds Garret Vreeland, Co-founder and CCO, "The publisher selling environment is further complicated by the current perfect-storm of third-party cookie deprecation, additional layers of consumer privacy regulations, and the impact of the "walled-gardens" disrupting current revenue operations. ArcSpan's platform enables publishers to retool for the new environment and strengthen the sell-side's value proposition for advertisers and media buyers."
"I am excited to be joining ArcSpan at this pivotal moment for the publishing industry," says Chris Guenther, COO. "Thousands of publishers depend on advertising and subscription revenue to fund their ability to curate quality content for their audiences. I look forward to accelerating the buildout of ArcSpan's platform and unlock future business success for premium publishers and advertisers operating in a data-driven, privacy-centric addressable audience ecosystem."
About ArcSpan Media
ArcSpan Media is an exciting start-up that is building a best-in-class addressable audience segmentation and revenue optimization platform for leading digital publishers and brands to navigate the "Identity Revolution." As the demand for first-party addressable audiences galvanizes the industry, ArcSpan's Audience Engine is designed to deliver real-time targetable audience data and optimize cross-channel monetization solutions to improve revenue management, insights, and results. By democratizing data and insights as well as automating decisioning, ArcSpan provides clients with an innovative, enterprise-class, data SaaS solution that drives incremental revenue. Established by digital industry leaders from Accordant Media, dentsu, NewsCorp, and Beeswax, ArcSpan's proprietary technology includes advanced data AI tools, analytics dashboards, and integrations with complementary adtech partners. ArcSpan is based in New York City.
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