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Adthink (ENXTPA:ALADM), the French specialist in smart digital advertising, and Atayen, American publisher of marketing applications, form a strategic partnership to monetize social networks through blockchain. On this occasion, Adthink acquired the first Agency Early Adopter NFT, limited to five copies, making it possible to use the SaTT functions exclusively reserved for advertising agencies.
Adthink will offer brands the opportunity to take advantage of influencer pools on social networks such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to promote their messages.
With the SaTT (Smart Advertising Transaction Token) crypto token, Adthink and Atayen want to bridge the gap between creators of social media content and advertisers. Backed by the SaTT token, the decentralized application platform (DApp) SaTT allows anyone to monetize their presence on social networks and to be paid thanks to a smart contract, according to the performance of their publications.
The concept of advertising pools, or Ad Pools, proposed by SaTT, in conjunction with the farming of social networks, allows brands to reward creators with ease and transparency, and in return, to increase the value of their brand.
Several campaigns are already underway, notably on Twitter with a remuneration of 4 SaTT per view, or $12 CPM and on YouTube of 10 SaTT per view, or $30 CPM, compensation levels based on a SaTT token value of $0.003 USD. In one week, the value of SaTT increased by more than 100%. SaTT is listed on several major cryptocurrency marketplaces such as HitBTC, Bitcoin.com, Bittrex Global, Digifinex, Uniswap, and PancakeSwap.
The SaTT whitepaper was published in 2018 and received a favorable legal opinion from the firms Luther and BCA Solutions. Atayen has received financial support from several investors including Kima Ventures, co-founded by Xavier Niel, founder of Free, a major Internet access operator in France. Finalized in 2020, the SaTT’s initial token offering (ICO) raised $ 7.1 million.
Adthink and Atayen will together address the global influencer marketing market, valued at $13.8 billion, growing by +37% in 2021. This market is itself part of the digital advertising market, which will represent more than $500 billion in 2022.
The SaTT solution is compatible with the YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter networks and will soon offer TikTok, Snapchat and LinkedIn. Adthink already offers the possibility of serving advertisements on these networks, but SaTT completes the offer by creating a link between influencers and advertisers on these platforms, making it possible to distribute the messages at the heart of the content rather than from reserved advertising spaces, more and more ignored or even blocked by users. In addition, the advertiser’s message enjoys the approval and notoriety of the publisher. Thanks to its decentralization by blockchain, SaTT makes it possible to reduce the dependence of creators on social network platforms by offering an alternative to their integrated monetization systems; when it exists. SaTT thus adds a reliable income channel, protected from “demonetization”.
With the blockchain as a trusted third party connected to “oracles” that allow smart contracts not to be limited to information internal to the blockchain and to access external information, Adthink guarantees advertisers a premium and fraud-free delivery environment, precise targeting and simple and understandable reports to ensure maximum efficiency in advertising budgets.
Gauthier Bros, CEO of Atayen: “Adthink and its performance-oriented approach to digital marketing fits perfectly with the spirit of SaTT. We are proud to deliver our first Agency Early Adopter NFT to Adthink and look forward to making Ad Pools available to their clients.”
Jonathan Métillon, CEO of Adthink: “I am happy to announce that the SaTT solution is now available to advertisers with Adthink. Atayen is known for their innovative and robust applications and has invested 3 years of R&D in SaTT. This partnership adds a solid building block to our offer with very good growth prospects.”
About Atayen
Since 2014, Atayen has been a major player in the development of applications for Facebook pages. The IframeApps solution package, including live streaming, has won over a panel of more than 4 million users, made up of brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Netflix and influencers.
Resolutely turned towards the future, Atayen took an interest in the world of blockchain to imagine its use facilitating relations between advertisers and content creators, SaTT.
The Smart Advertising Transaction Token was able to convince since its ICO with a pre-sale of more than $7M. After 3 years of R&D, Atayen provides its users with a solution allowing influencers to monetize their social networks and advertisers to better target their audiences, all in perfect transparency with automated payment thanks to the blockchain.
About Adthink
Expert in digital marketing, Adthink provides advertisers with its trading desk and affiliate platform to develop their customer acquisition. With its proprietary adtech solution AdAccess, media publishers can optimize and multiply their revenue channels. More than 500 advertiser and publisher clients around the world rely on Adthink’s expertise.
Created in 2001 to market the first video streaming advertising offer, the Adthink group is based in Lyon and has 32 employees at the end of June 2021. Its 2020 revenue amounted to 10.24 million euros.
Adthink is listed on the Euronext Growth market of Euronext Paris (ALADM – FR0010457531) and is part of the Top 100 Digital (PwC study – TECH IN France, July 2018).
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