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The rise of play-to-earn gaming platforms powered by blockchain technology is transforming the gaming industry. ANEO.IO ( is one platform driving this change. The developers of this project describe the ANEO.IO gaming platform as “an amazing 3D mobile PvP fighting game, Mortal Kombat style.” In other words, it is a play-to-earn gaming platform for player-versus-player games with a touch of sci-fi. ANEO.IO is the first platform that marries the extreme cultural popularity of mecha-robots and anime content, a phenomenon that experts will continue sweeping through the market.
ANEO.IO brings these features together through its high-quality, state-of-the-art, humanized hybrid 3D robots that are as rare as they are dazzling. The robots are characterized by their metallic colored texture and neon effect, and “are perfectly rigged to be used with futuristic weapons in games.” According to the project’s website, these robots are designed to fit perfectly in virtual reality and new metaverse environments. Being the only anime-mecha play-to-earn game concept on the blockchain is an advantage ANEO.IO hopes to leverage with even more features.
ANEO.IO’s developers have taken an interesting approach to incentivize a community of gamers who are invested in playing the games they like, earning tokens, and growing their superior economy. The exclusive gaming platform will be accessible to all ANEO NFT project holders, who will use their 3D robot to take part in games. The more the gamer plays, the higher their chances of earning rewards.
The ANEO.IO team also boasts notable industry figures such as Chief Marketing Officer – Enrico, a former e-sports champion gamer ( ), and Chief Strategy Officer – Kook Capital LLC, Crypto Social Media Influencer and Strategic Consultant ( ).
Rewards on the ANEO platform include in-game tokens, which can be used to buy resources or to pay other players. At the basic level, players can use the tokens to level up their ANEO NFT trading attributes, making them more powerful and increasing their gaming collectible value. As the project grows, the developers plan to launch an Initial Coin Offering with ANEO tradable token. This will reward players with more monetization models and earning opportunities. When that happens, players will win during games as they play, or passively by exchanging the tradable token with FIAT currency.
Holders of the tradable ANEO token will also be able to earn passive income through renting their 3D robots, partnerships with talented players, or staking it. In the first scenario, ANEO NFT holders will rent their robots to other players for a passive fixed rental fee for a predefined period. In the case of a partnership, the NFT holders can decide to collaborate with the players for a predefined share of the player’s revenues. The third option allows the project holder to earn passive income by locking their ANEO NFT in DeFi platforms to receive rewards without the need to sell their NFTs.
Ultimately, ANEO.IO’s goal is to create a decentralized gaming platform that promotes competition but also cooperation among players. That will offer an environment where players can interact with each other without fear of cheating or fraud, and enable interaction between gamers and other users. Unlike traditional gaming platforms, this model allows players to earn rewards for everything from owning an ANEO robot to promoting their skills. The ANEO.IO team is still expanding and exploring the project’s potential ahead of its official launch. Their goal is to add more games to the ecosystem, giving even more chances to monetize their gameplay.
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