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The idea that social media livestreaming would disrupt journalism and news consumption habits was born just a few years ago. But it hasn’t taken long for this prediction to become reality. As the news cycle gets faster and attention spans continue to dwindle, social media has emerged as a prime method of immediate reporting and documenting of current events.
The creator economy is booming, enabling social media creators to not just entertain, but also profit. While beneficial for creators everywhere, this has proven to be a lifeline, both emotionally and financially, for those devastated by global conflict — specifically those directly affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Tango, the social platform for live-video broadcasting, has proven social media can play an active role in providing its users with ample resources, including a community, a voice, and an income. Tango is setting a precedent for how platforms should support their creators in the future.
The world has watched the global implications of Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine with shock. On a more individual scale, we have seen the life-changing impacts on Ukrainian families and people who have been displaced from their homes.
More than 50 percent of once-employed Ukrainians lost their jobs since the start of the war, according to a Rating Group survey. The effects of this loss cannot be understated. A job is not just an income, but also offers a community and a sense of normalcy. Ukrainians who have been stripped of these comforts have turned to less-conventional alternatives.
Amid this crisis and transitive period, Ukrainian creators have been able to use Tango to report news, share updates, and connect with the world. Tango’s platform consists exclusively of live-streamed footage, allowing creators to communicate with followers in real time and receive direct support from their fanbases. Viewers buy Tango coins which they can use to purchase gifts for creators that can then be redeemed for cash. In response to the current conflict, Tango launched supportive gifts, including a “Support Ukraine” image in an act to unite the community. Aside from gifts to streamers, broadcasters can play live games, which also prompts coin rewards from viewers.
The platform has given a voice to those who otherwise had nowhere to turn, and allowed first-hand reporting of events as they unfolded. This is equally beneficial to creators and also to viewers on the other side of the screen. Those who aren’t directly caught in the crosshairs of the conflict are able to get accurate information about the situation from first-hand sources, completely changing the way the news is distributed and discussed.
Tango is also ensuring system stability and special initiatives so broadcasters in affected regions can use the platform for communication and support as their worlds are turned upside down. The platform’s community is connecting people in a time where many feel isolated and alone, with over 900,000 Ukrainian users on the platform. Tango’s popularity has grown exponentially, with install volume growing nearly 200% in the last 3 weeks, according to the company.
Beyond giving streamers a community to confide in and a voice to share their experiences, Tango is also helping their Ukrainian creators secure the financial means to survive.
Most social media platforms operate with a user’s data-based monetization model. Tango’s monetization strategy revolves around the relationships between streamers and followers, rather than in-app advertisements or exploitation of user data. So, while creators live stream their experiences and report what’s happening firsthand, viewers can immediately share their support through gifts on Tango. Creators later redeem these gifts for cash, either to accompany their typical revenue or replace a previously-lost income.
Ukrainian live streamers have already raked in nearly $1 million since the war’s onset.
With the mass disruption of Ukrainian employment, Tango offers a viable option for anyone to make ends meet, with no barriers to entry. Even before the war, Tango creators were making a hefty profit. The platform celebrated their first Tango-made millionaire late last year. As the platform grows stronger, it is clear that this is only the beginning for the app that is proving there is still good in social media.
Tango’s support to creators during the international crisis indicates how powerful social media can be on a macro and micro scale. While platforms promote widespread connectivity and global community, the real beneficiaries are the individuals who otherwise lack opportunities to voice their fears or even make ends meet. There is a real opportunity for creators to grow an online presence, not just for internet stardom but for survival and a reliable livelihood.
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