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The Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) has expanded its Venture Catalyst program, adding five companies in West Africa to its existing portfolio. As an industry development initiative, the Venture Catalyst helps entrepreneurs build innovative and scalable companies that accelerate clean cooking access.
The companies joining the Venture Catalyst – Powerstove Energy, Safi Energy, NENU Engineering, Southline Coast, and Goods and Services 360 – are based in Nigeria and Ghana and range from pre-revenue to early-stage enterprises. They will join CCA’s existing portfolio of 25 companies, which operate in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and South-East Asia and represent a diverse range of fuels and technologies, such as LPG, biogas, ethanol, electricity, pellets, and improved biomass stoves.
“We are looking forward to supporting our new portfolio companies through grants, technical assistance, and network support,” said Shrikant Avi, CCA’s Director of Venture Programs. “These early-stage companies are developing promising solutions that have the potential to generate consumer demand and drive investment to increase clean cooking access in West Africa.”
Launched in 2020, the Venture Catalyst offers tailored, venture-level assistance to strengthen commercial viability, enhance investment readiness, and speed up access to growth capital for selected companies across the clean cooking ecosystem. To date, the Venture Catalyst has initiated over 60 projects in 15 countries, partnering with companies to address needs such as product testing and development, sales and consumer insights, market scoping and feasibility studies, supply chain analysis, operational improvements, business model validation, investment readiness, carbon monetization, and gender integration.
About the new VC companies:

CCA welcomes inquiries about admission to the Venture Catalyst program. Please email your questions or management presentation request to
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