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Clash announces its newest feature, Huddles, which offers direct fan to Creator interaction through public and private group chats. Fans can have real-time conversations with their favorite Creators and connect with other fans. For Creators, Huddles is an opportunity for mobile video to finally have a place to build and host a fanbase. Clash is the first platform where Creators have the tools to recognize who their strongest audience is and reward their most loyal supporters.
“We found that it can be challenging for Creators to connect with their fanbase”
In days past, comment sections were where fans connected with Creators, and Creators would have engaging conversations with fans. Now, the comment section is more of an opinion tool and Creators are lacking a forum to connect directly with their fans and recognize their support. Fans were missing authentic access to engage with their favorite Creators, until Huddles.
Clash is proud to share that a variety of Creators are already engaging with their audiences through Huddles. One example is StoryHouze, a group of TikTok stars with over 18 million followers collectively. They launched a Huddle on Clash to release early content to and engage with their most devoted audience members. Within the first night, they gained over 1,000 fans in their GA chat who were eagerly asking questions, chatting with each other, and awaiting new content drops from the group. Since the release of Huddles at the beginning of June, Clash Creators have already earned over $21k.
Los Angeles-based Clash is a next-generation monetization and fan engagement platform for Creators to better connect with their most dedicated fanbase, their “ride-or-dies.” Clash and its team of former Creators have simplified, streamlined, and democratized the compensation ecosystem for Creators through the various earnings tools on the platform. Clash has released its newest feature, Huddles, to continue its mission to make more full-time mobile video Creators.
Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit and Clash’s lead investment fund, Seven Seven Six, said of the new platform, “Clash has been shipping all the features that Gen Z want out of a mobile-first platform actually built by and for creators; focusing on community & fan engagement, the launch of Huddles gives creators the best way connect with their biggest fans. This means better fan experiences, deeper connections, and a sustainable way for creators to earn a living while delighting their audience.”
Gone are the days when the comments section on content was a direct or reliable place for fans and Creators to engage. Trying to get your favorite Creator’s attention on platforms like TikTok and Instagram is next to impossible and creates an isolating and lonely experience for fans. Comments are not ways Creators connect with their audience anymore. Now, comments are not typically directed at Creators, but rather a new forum for fame and a distraction from the original content.
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Unlike other social platforms where audience growth is the main focus, Clash is built for your strongest audience, serving up more authentic experiences to fans and empowering them to support anyone creating engaging content for true connection and honest interaction with one’s most loyal fans. “We found that it can be challenging for Creators to connect with their fanbase,” said Clash’s Head of Creators, Erica Goren. “There isn’t currently a way to filter out the noise from trolls, bots and irrelevant conversations occurring in the comments section. We developed Huddles to help Creators directly reach their real fans in real-time.”
Clash is releasing two tiers of Huddles – GA (General Admission) and VIP:
GA Huddle
VIP Huddle
Clash is the first platform to give Creators access to their top fans, fans that are most invested in supporting the Creator, providing the opportunity to recognize and reciprocate that relationship.
Clash’s CEO and co-founder, Brendon McNerney, who is a former Vine Creator with over 700,000 followers said, “Behind every rising Creator is an army of ardent supporters. The problem lies in the fact that the current platform ecosystem doesn’t give the mobile fan base an opportunity to come together with the Creators they support and the fans that rally with them. We started Clash with the understanding that behind every meaningful monetization transaction is a fan on the other end, who deserves to be recognized and in the loop.”
VIP Huddles are leaning into creating a sustainable income stream through recurring monthly subscriptions so Creators can continue creating. Fans can subscribe to Creators on Clash and automatically unlock access to their VIP Huddle for the exclusive opportunity to connect more intimately with that Creator.
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