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Friday, more like Fri-yay! It’s April 29, 2022, we’re here with the latest headlines, but honestly our brains are mostly focused on all the hardcore fun we’re going to have this weekend. Like doing laundry, napping, playing with our pets, reading a book for a while and sleeping in. I know, we’re old and boring, deal with it. — Christine and Haje
Civilian drone manufacturer DJI and the Ukrainian and Russian governments continue their spat. Most recently, DJI suspends sales in Ukraine and Russia in an apparent attempt to appear more neutral.
We were particularly enthralled this morning by Jim Motavalli’s feature article about bidirectional charging. In other words: If the power goes out, what does it take to power your house from your car’s batteries?
Johnny’s in the basement, mixin’ up the medicine, I’m on the pavement, reading news with wonderment:
In his first TechCrunch+ article, Senior Climate Writer Tim De Chant examined nine startups optimizing EV battery technology that have collectively raised just over $4 billion in the last 18 months.
Improving tech like solid-state batteries, replacing specific chemical components and using hybrid chemistries are just a few of the techniques startups are deploying to unlock benefits like reducing weight while increasing range and safety.
“But cars and trucks won’t be the only thing touched by the battery revolution that’ll occur over the next few years,” he writes.
“Like many advances, better, lighter and longer-lasting batteries will drive changes in our lives that are both unexpected and welcome.”
Charged with billions in capital, meet the 9 startups developing tomorrow’s batteries today

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