User data to generate revenue opportunities for KamPay users and African continent
NEW YORK, April 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Data Vault Holdings, Inc., leading the way in tokenomics and metaverse data visualization, valuation, and monetization, today announces a partnership with desktop and mobile app KamPay, which includes a universal currency, wallet, and digital platform to serve the African populace. The collaboration brings opportunities to optimize data sharing across the African continent while safeguarding and securing customers' digital assets.
The 54 countries of Africa, collectively, present a major opportunity to further implement cryptocurrency as an alternative financial solution for the more than 95 million unbanked across the continent. KamPay will help users to overcome challenges such as limited branch coverage, low trust, and lack of accessibility to central banks. In addition to more financial inclusion, KamPay will also help users to monetize personal data.
"The Datavault® platform will build on the complementary capabilities of KamPay in the midst of the mobile platform's rapidly growing digital asset ecosystem. We share with KamPay a vision in providing security and trust through the metaverse and blockchain. We will help the mobile and desktop app users to unlock derivative data within a personal account to transform into data objects for monetization, to be bought, sold, and traded through the Datavault® platform's Information Data Exchange®," says Nathaniel Bradley, co-founder and CEO of Data Vault Holdings.
Datavault® is powered using blockchain technology, meaning the information is protected and ownership is guaranteed. The platform's technology will provide Kampay with the tools to address issues such as digital data security; ownership rights; and data management. Coupled with the KamPay cryptocurrency, data monetization using Datavault's crypto technology will inspire independence, autonomy, and trust through an alternative currency system. The Datavault®-KamPay collaboration will create a foundation for new financial opportunities and growth throughout the African continent.
Additionally, KamPay users can confidently create NFTs using the Datavault® platform to mint unique digital assets from art, GIFs, collectibles, and more. KamPay users can also create income for themselves by donating personal data through surveys.
"KamPay, like Datavault®, has been made possible through blockchain technology, and the immense potential within our partnership sits at the convergence of various highly favorable market trends–increased use of smartphones, growth of African economies, and inadequate banking facilities. KamPay's universal African currency will help to drive the adoption of the Datavault® platform as users recognize the monetary value within data stored within their securitized, private accounts. We are excited at what the future will bring to KamPay's users, the millions of unbanked people throughout African nations, and individual African countries at-large," says Dr. Christopher Cleverly, CEO of KamPay.
Africa is home to some of the world's fastest-growing economies–Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Benin, to name a few. By 2050, the continent's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is estimated to grow from $2.6 trillion today to $29 trillion1,2. The collaboration between Datavault® and KamPay will ensure that data and crypto currency play a significant part in helping to revolutionize data acquisition, financial opportunity, and economic growth throughout African countries.
"With our partnership with KamPay, Datavault® sees our mission coming back full circle. We began our company with the goal of allowing individuals to donate their data to worthy causes of their choosing, and our patented platform empowers KamPay users with the ability to make data donations. We are thrilled at the chance to contribute to the burgeoning economic growth of many African countries, and believe that crypto technology and data monetization through the Datavault® platform will serve as key components of this growth," says Alfred Blair Blaikie III, President and co-founder of Data Donate Technologies.
1: "GDP Of Africa", Statistics Times,
2: "The High-Growth Promise Of An Integrated Africa," Brookings Institute, August 2, 2019,
About Data Vault Holdings Inc.
Data Vault Holdings Inc. is a technology holding company that provides a proprietary, cloud-based platform for the delivery of branded data-backed cryptocurrencies. Data Vault Holdings Inc. provides businesses with the tools to monetize data assets securely over its Information Data Exchange® (IDE). The company is in the process of finalizing the consolidation of its affiliates Data Donate Technologies, Inc., ADIO LLC, and Datavault Inc. as wholly owned subsidiaries under one corporate structure. Learn more about Data Vault Holdings Inc. here.
About KamPay
KamPay entered the cryptocurrency market to be part of an economic revolution that triggers positive changes across the African continent. The company is administered by a multifaceted team that combines efforts and knowledge to revolutionize the way users handle cryptocurrencies and mobile money. Additionally, KamPay offers digital solutions that can be groundbreaking for economies for various African countries, and the overall African GDP. As crypto and mobile adoption grows exponentially, KamPay envisions that its products and services can grow side-by-side with the world's largest growing economy and fulfill the particularities of the crypto market. Learn more about KamPay here.
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