Diablo Immortal
While it started as a meme, I am legitimately excited about Diablo Immortal arriving not just on phones, but on PC as well, given that I very much enjoyed my time playing the game in alpha, where it feels a whole lot like Diablo 3.5, rather than some chitzy mobile spin-off.
The game is nearly here, and as such, Blizzard has released a “Roadmap to Hell” which is not like, a live service roadmap full of content, but more or less just what you need to know for launch.
Diablo Immortal has two major release dates, June 2 for most regions, and then June 22 for a number of Asian regions including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macao, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.
The release timing is shown on the map below, where we have a 1 PM EDT time that translates globally:
Diablo Immortal
Past that, you are already able to pre-download Diablo Immortal for PC on the desktop app, and there’s info about how you can either use your Battle.net ID on mobile to ensure cross progression is in place, or you can create a guest account on mobile and link it later on, where progress will still carry over.
If you want even more info, the official page has the server names for regions, supported controllers and minimum phone, tablet and PC specs for the game, which definitely won’t be ultra-taxing on PCs, I imagine, compared to other titles.
As I am writing this article, I’m installing the game on PC, where it’s 26 GB, as opposed to just 2-3 GB on phones. I am extremely curious to see how they’ve translated the mobile controls to PC, and if we get into more traditional hotbar territory, but regardless, I’m excited for the option, and as someone who works entirely from home, I will probably be playing this game mainly on PC, and not on my phone which will probably see its battery dead in an hour given how old it is.
I am genuinely excited for the game after playing it previously. We are still years away from Diablo 4 at this rate, given that Blizzard is so far behind schedule there (which will happen when you clean house of dozens of employees accused of committing or allowing inappropriate conduct), so this will tide fans over for a while. I know there are going to be some complaints, and there are lingering questions about the mobile monetization model, but for me, some Diablo is better than nothing, and I like what I’ve experienced so far.
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