Just two weeks after launch, Diablo Immortal has now reportedly raked in $24 million USD for Blizzard. According to new reports, the free-to-play mobile and PC title has managed to accumulate a whopping 8.5 million downloads since its launch earlier this month and while its monetization model has drawn much controversy among its fanbase, the game nonetheless drew in $24 million USD for the American publisher.
The game proved a massive success in the country, with 26% of downloads coming from the U.S., which also contributed a staggering 43% of its total earnings.
Despite the game’s financial success, many fans have been worried that Blizzard will take this monetization model and adopt it for its future titles, which prompted a response from the developer clarifying that Diablo Immortal‘s system will not influence the upcoming Diablo IV since the former is completely free-to-play while the latter is a full-priced title. “To be clear, D4 is a full price game built for PC/PS/Xbox audiences,” said the studio’s Rod Fergusson.
Elsewhere in gaming, Overwatch 2 is going free-to-play and has removed loot boxes.

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