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Facebook has today unveiled today several updates in the realm of video creator monetization, product manager Jeniece Primus shared in a blog post, including making its Rights Manager copyright tool available to creators of all sizes, and expanding in-stream ads to four additional countries.
Rights Manager — a four-year-old tool that enables creators to protect the distribution of their content on both Facebook and Instagram — was previously only available to select creators. If a creator had a body of only 50 videos, for instance, Facebook may not have previously deemed access to Rights Manager as necessary as to a creator with, say, a library of 50,000 videos. While Facebook did not previously disclose the specific thresholds of eligibility to the application-only program, it now says creators of all sizes are eligible to apply.
While Rights Manager enables creators to monitor, block, or takedown any videos that are found to be matches, it also enables creators to monetize infringing videos that are generating revenue via in-stream ads.
Creators handle this capability via the Collect Ad Earnings tab in Rights Manager — for which Facebook has also announced a number of updates today. Though again, Facebook declined to disclose eligibility specifics, it said Collect Ad Earnings was previously only available to “a small group of rights holders with large libraries of content.” But now, anyone on the Rights Manager platform can apply for access.
Furthermore, Facebook has rolled out several updates to the Collect Ad Earnings tool to help creators bolster monetization. This includes, per Primus, a new ‘filter view’ for spotting monetizable matches, better guidance for how to capture monetization opportunities, exportable revenue reports, and the ability to collect ad earnings while placing an ‘ownership link’ on the matched video. With respect to this latter feature, once a creator unearths a matching video, for instance, she can now place a so-called ‘ownership link’ on the video that directs users back to her page or to the original post.
Finally, Facebook said it’s is expanding the reach of in-stream ads to four more countries: Egypt, Iraq, Morocco and Turkey. Previously, in-stream ads — which enable creators to monetize their videos in an ad-rev share with Facebook — were available in 45 countries. (In order to run in-stream ads, creators must publish from a Page with at least 10,000 followers and have generated at least 30,000 one-minute views on videos that are at least three minutes long within the last 60 days).
You can read more about Facebook’s latest monetization updates right here, and you can check out a recent episode of our Creator News web series — exploring the ways in which creators today are making a ton of bank on Facebook — below:

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