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Facebook Reels was launched in the United States last year, and now the social media company is making it available in over 150 countries.
The feature plays a key role in Meta’s take on TikTok. It allows creators to share short-form video content on Facebook or cross-post Reels from Instagram to reach a wider audience.
Together with the global rollout, Facebook is also set to introduce more creative tools and new ways for creators to make money from their Facebook Reels through advertising and Stars.
While Facebook Reels first started as a way to directly combat TikTok with a feature inside the Instagram app, Meta soon decided that it could have a more powerful counteroffensive if it also brought Facebook into it, according to The Verge. 
As a result, the social media company touted during its Q4 2021 earnings that Reels is now its fastest-growing content format so far.
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Meta also stated that Reels was the biggest contributor to growth on Instagram and it is growing very quickly on Facebook as well.
Facebook Reels currently monetizes at a low rate compared to other content formats like Instagram’s Feed and Instagram Stories. However, Meta believes that this will change over time.
On that note, the company stated that it is expanding tests of Facebook Reels Overlay Ads today to all Reels creator in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.
By mid-March, the test will expand to more than 50 countries where in-stream ads are already available, according to TechCrunch. 
In-Stream video ads today only run on Facebook videos and not Reels. That means that these new Overlay Ads represent Facebook’s attempt to bring advertising revenue to Reels.
Creators who signed up for the ad test will be able to try out two ad formats: stickers and banners. These are non-interruptive ads, as they sit atop the playing content instead of pausing the video to show the ad, according to TechRadar.
The banner ads appear as a semi-transparent overlay at the bottom of a reel, while stickers are static images that can be placed anywhere within the reel. Facebook will select the ad to display in the frame that is best suited to the viewer.
During the tests, Meta told TechCrunch that it will follow the same revenue share with creators that it uses today for its in-stream ads program, which is 55% to the creator and 45% to Facebook. However, this could change as the tests continue.
Creators who are already a part of the existing in-stream ads program will be opted into the new Overlay Ads tests by default. Others can check the eligibility and join if they want to.
Also, Facebook is set to launch full-screen and immersive ads in between Reels in worldwide markets in the months ahead. These formats have been in testing since October.
Not all Facebook Reels will have ads. Meta explains that whether or not ads are included in a reel depends on a variety of factors ranging from advertiser targeting-setting to the value of the ad for the viewer. Creators can choose to opt-out specific reels from banner ads in Creator Studio, if they want.
As for advertisers, they can get brand suitability tools, including Blocklists, Publisher Lists, Inventory Filters, and Delivery Reports for the banner and sticker ads.

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