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Uppercase is a D2C premium travel accessories brand for new-age customers. All our products will be made of sustainable material, given our concern for environmental issues and the company’s carbon footprint. We offer advanced designs and fashionable products, being a socially responsible brand, all our manufacturing processes are environment-friendly. We aim to cater to 100 per cent of the pincodes in India through e-commerce.
What is the monetization model?
We will be leveraging e-commerce websites to expand our business. Our products will be available on the company’s website and other websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Ajio, Udaan, etc.
What challenges are you facing in running your business?
Our larger goal is to set industry-first benchmarks in supply chain and manufacturing. However, as a sustainable brand, it is a challenge to source environmentally friendly raw materials. The bigger challenge is to set up manufacturing plants that are in line with our ethical and social responsibility towards the environment.
What has been the impact of the pandemic? How has been your customer’s response so far post lockdown?
Post-pandemic, the travel industry’s growth is likely to return to its previous levels sooner than expected. At the same time, e-commerce is growing faster post lockdowns. Thus, this feels like the right time to be a D2C brand in the travel accessories industry.
How do you look at expansion?
We want to be an India-based international travel accessories brand, competing with some of the best brands in Europe, Asia, and the US. However, our initial focus is to deeper our roots across India. Our marketing plan will be completely digital because all our target audience has a digital presence.
What has been the biggest learning so far?
We have come up with many industry-first features and processes. Our biggest pain point has been to set up everything from scratch. However, not giving up and repeatedly trying to succeed has been the most significant learning so far. We are sure that we will be one of the first fashionable and sustainable brands (with the right certifications of the highest standard) that is entirely “Made in India.”
What is the market size and opportunity?
The travel accessories market size is evaluated at over Rs 6,000 crore annually in e-commerce. However, it is pegged to grow soon exponentially.
What are your future plans regarding the Indian market?
We will be expanding our product portfolio, category portfolio, supply chain, and digital channels. The company has invested in R&D and technology to come up with innovative and unique products. Our designs are based on a large amount of online data analyzed to narrow down customer needs.

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