It was a matter of time before the ads also reached YouTube Shorts, the YouTube section with which Google tries to compete with the great benchmark for short videos on the Internet: TikTok.
Ads in YouTube Shorts are currently in testingstarting with announcements related to the installation of applications and other types of promotions, according to what the commercial director of Google advanced before investors this past Tuesday, according to a report by Bloomberg.

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For Philipp Schindler:
While it’s still early days, we’re encouraged by the initial feedback and results from advertisers.
YouTube Shorts, like other Google products, continues with the company’s philosophy focused on improving the user experience before starting with its monetization, as Sundar Pichai himself, CEO of Alphabet and Google, recalled. before investors.
YouTube Shorts, launched in September 2020 to compete against TikTok, having expanded globally over the spring of last year, like other Internet services, It has also experienced user growth throughout the pandemic, where it is currently visited daily by more than 30 billion users, four times higher than the average number of daily visits experienced a year ago.
But the increase in visits is not coupled with the fulfillment of economic forecasts estimated by the investors themselves, who expected YouTube as a whole to obtain 7.48 billion dollars in revenue during the first quarter of the year, when the reality is that the amount has been 6.87 billion dollars, according to Variety, where YouTube TV, Google’s alternative to cable television in the United States, is one of the features that is obtaining the best economic results.
One of YouTube’s strategies will go through bring smartphone features to connected TVstaking advantage of the fact that about 700 million hours of YouTube content are consumed from connected televisions every day, which will mean that users can also comment and share content from this type of device, according to Pichai himself.
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