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Google announced that it is suspending the billing of Google Play and YouTube for its users in Russia. The search giant said that this is due to the payment system disruption related to the several sanctions placed by Western companies on Russia.
According to Reuters, the development came in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions on Russian banks that followed as the Western companies opted for an economic response to Vladimir Putin’s war in Europe.
Google released a statement about the Google Play billing suspension and said that because of the payment system disruption, they would be pausing Google Play’s billing system for their customers in Russia. The suspension will roll out in the next few days.
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This means that users will not buy games and apps, make any subscription payments, or make any in-app purchases of digital goods via Google Play in Russia. As for the Free apps, they will still be available on the Google Play Store.
In another note about the enacted international sanctions for Google Play developers, the search giant said they will still comply with all applicable sanctions and trade compliance laws and monitor the guidance.
All users in affected places will still be able to use Google Play, which includes downloading free apps, but they won’t be able to make any purchases.
As for YouTube, a spokesperson for the platform confirmed the suspension of payment-based services in Russia.
The spokesperson said that YouTube had paused ads in the country. As a follow-up, they are now extending the pause to all of their monetization features, including Channel Memberships, YouTube Premium, Super Chat, and Merchandise for all viewers in Russia.
The spokesperson added that they understand that the suspension of payment-based YouTube services went into effect in Russia on Mar. 9, and it affected YouTube Premium memberships, Super Chat, channel memberships, Super Stickers, and Merchandise.
On Mar. 11, Google announced a suspension of its ad sales in Russia, even though it did cut off ad sales to Russians, saying that at the point that it would continue allowing entities to purchase ads served outside the country.
It has not been confirmed whether the banking sanctions, which are now disrupting payments on Google Play and YouTube, will also mean that the search giant is forced to suspend any remaining ad sales in Russia.
According to TechCrunch, YouTube channels in Russia will still be able to generate revenue from viewers outside the country via ads and paid features, which suggests there is not a full cutoff.
However, all the sanctions can be difficult for Russians to be able to make and receive payments to and from foreign entities.
In the past few days, other tech giants such as Microsoft, Apple, and Airbnb have taken the same steps to suspend operations and sales in the country. They have joined the growing number of companies boycotting the country as a way to protest Putin’s war in Ukraine.
Tech platforms have also taken steps to remove any misinformation about the war, including making adjustments on Russia Today, Sputnik, and other Kremlin-backed state media.
On Mar. 4, Russia suspended social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
Earlier this month, Apple stopped selling its devices like iPhone, Mac computers, and iPads in Russia.
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