We help artists from all over the world to take their music further by empowering them with the tools to distribute, monetise, and manage their music in front of a global audience. Find out what we can do for you below.
Wherever your music goes, we help to make sure that you get the credit and earnings that you deserve. With our monetization partnerships we can ensure that your music comes back to you if it’s used by anyone else on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.
Content ID is YouTube’s system that automatically scans videos to recognise music and ensure that the original creators get the credit and revenue they deserve from it.
Our YouTube Network is a community of creators from around the globe with 200 million video views each month. It’s our mission to empower creators of all shapes and sizes and that’s why we partnered with YouTube as an MCN to help creators take the next step for their channel.
We have signed directly with YouTube as an official YouTube partner and MCN.
You are free to join and leave whenever you want to, it’s your choice.
You keep ownership of all of your content at all times, we don’t claim anything.
We make all revenues visible in your YouTube Channel so that nothing is hidden.
Our SoundCloud Network lets artists and labels get paid for their music on SoundCloud and manage and promote their content. Our system guarantees monetisation the moment your music goes live on SoundCloud.


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