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I honestly can’t tell you how many social media growth companies have given me the runaround over the years. Hence, you can appreciate why I approached my recent Media Mister review with a little skepticism.
Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for buying social signals as a way to drive organic growth. It’s just that buying real social proof from real people isn’t as easy as it sounds. In fact, most social media engagement services available online are pure garbage.
My goal was to find out where Media Mister sits on the whole thing and whether they’re genuinely worth doing business with. As one of the longest-established growth services on the scene, you’d expect nothing but solid performance.
The question is – how does Media Mister compare to other social media marketing services when put to the test for real?
Media Mister was established in 2012, so they’ve been around for about a decade now. On their website, you’ll find a huge range of services for multiple social media platforms, including all the usual suspects and several niche names. 
The Media Mister team is said to comprise a handful of experienced digital marketing specialists with a collective experience of several decades. Importantly, they claim to offer nothing but 100% authentic social proof of the highest quality, which comes straight from real people and is as good as organic.
Placing an order with Media Mister (more on that later) is pretty straightforward. There’s a series of social network options at the top of the screen, which can be clicked to take you to their product pages. 
You can then select the type of product you want – followers, likes, views, fans, downloads, saves, comments, etc. – along with the quantity needed. Targeted products can also be purchased from dozens of major markets worldwide, including the USA, the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and more. 
If you would prefer your social signals to come from men or women specifically, you can also specify this…which is interesting. After which, Media Mister quotes total delivery rollout times of anything from one to seven working days, depending on the size and complexity of the order. 
All products are said to be added/delivered by real people in the same way as organic social signals, without the use of bots or automation. On paper, it all sounds pretty good…but how does it work in practice?
Media Mister Packages
Whether targeting Instagram growth or monetization of your YouTube channel, Media Mister offers a huge range of services covering all requirements. To give you an idea of the packages and prices features on their website, here are a few examples that caught my eye when conducting my review:
All cheap enough, but what makes these prices all the more impressive is how Media Mister states that every product is sourced from a real person with an active account. Most social proof available for sale online is pure garbage, so does Media Mister buck the trends with products that are actually worth buying?
To see how Media Mister performs when put to the test, I placed an order for my dummy Facebook account. I’m not willing to put my main profile at risk when conducting reviews like these, as I’ve been dealt a bum hand on too many occasions before.
Media Mister Facebook Likes Page
In any case, I placed an order for 250 Facebook Post Likes from users in the USA, priced at a pretty decent $29. I also set myself up with 1,000 global Facebook Profile Followers, which cost a suspiciously low $20. 
Take a look at the likes first – no complaints whatsoever. They started appearing (on the post I nominated during the order process) within about 2 hours. A few dozen at first, followed by the remaining balance over the course of the afternoon. The whole thing was wrapped up in less than a day, and I received a total of 277 likes – so 27 more than I ordered. 
With followers, it’s a little trickier as people can actually see who these followers are…assuming they actually exist. It was a similar story – the first few followers were added to my profile after a few hours, with the rest gradually following over the course of three days. Media Mister added a total of 1,061 followers to my profile, so again, more than I paid for. 
In terms of quality, scanning through the followers they sent, I saw no cause for concern. Each follower’s profile looked legit, with evidence of recent activity, a profile picture, and a bio. Many of the profiles had been set up recently – perhaps for these exact purposes – but were still 100% legit. 
Of course, you can’t expect the followers you buy to interact with your posts or your pages, which they didn’t. But in terms of making my profile look better, the higher follower count did the job. I dropped about 40 followers during the first week after their delivery, but this still meant I came out with more than I ordered. 
Having seen how these guys perform in practice, I was most impressed with the following:
As far as I can see, Media Mister comes through on its word with high-quality products from real accounts. Of course, I didn’t check all 1,061 followers in-depth, but those I looked at were legit. 
Dropped followers (and other products) are covered by a retention warranty that lasts for 60 days after their delivery. This means that if the count drops below what you ordered, they’ll be replaced free of charge.
I didn’t need to use it myself, but I was pleased to see that Media Mister also offers a money-back guarantee. They either deliver on their word, or you get your money back, which is a rarity in this game.
I was also impressed with just how many targeted services were available. Dozens of different markets from all over the world, including the option of choosing services from male or female account holders if preferred.
Media Mister strikes the perfect balance between prompt delivery and safe delivery. They rolled out my followers and likes at a speed that was more than fast enough but not so fast as to draw Facebook’s unwanted attention.
Customer support is available via live chat and email, courtesy of a team that’s of pleasure to deal with. Media Mister doesn’t currently offer telephone support, but that’s not a big deal.
All prices are quoted clearly as soon as you select the product you would like to purchase. There are also no processing fees, no delivery fees, and no hidden extras – 100% transparent pricing.
Media Mister makes clear its policy on asking customers for login credentials and passwords. In a nutshell, anyone who asks you to disclose your social media passwords is out to scam you and should therefore be avoided at all costs.
New versions of the Media Mister website have been popping up this year for different target markets worldwide. A wide variety of languages are already supported, and more are being added to the mix all the time.
Last up; Media Mister uses a secure payment gateway to ensure the safest possible transactions when paying for products. I paid using PayPal for extra security, but they also accept credit cards, debit cards, Bitcoin, and so on.
As I said, there’s no telephone support available, but the live chat feature on their website is more than good enough. I far prefer live chat to make calls anyway. In addition, Media Mister doesn’t currently offer any kind of free trial, which would be useful to see how their products work before buying them. Though, to be honest, being able to try them out for as little as $2 is almost as good as a free trial…almost. 
Is Media Mister Safe to Use?
Without any shadow of a doubt, Media Mister is 100% not a scam. Shy of the occasional (and inevitable) disgruntled customer, these guys have built an impressive and enviable track record over the years.
I can tell you from my personal experience that their products are as real as it gets on the commercial social signals scene. Buying social proof isn’t the same as earning it, but the stuff these guys sell is solid.
Again, yes – Media Mister appears legit. They don’t take any BS exaggerations about what their products are capable of, and nor do they hand out spam in dangerous quantities. My suggestion is pretty simple – reach out to their customer support team with any questions or concerns you have. They’re a pleasure to work with and will tell you everything you need to know prior to placing your first order.
I’m not going to lie and say that buying social proof from any seller guarantees fame and fortune overnight. Nor can anyone claim that buying followers is the same as stacking them up organically. But when it comes to buying safe and effective social proof for a major engagement boost, Media Mister delivers on all fronts. They’re cheap, they’re reliable, and they excel in their provision of quality customer support.
Roughly summarised – I doubt you’ll find anything better from any other growth company offering similar products and services. Feel free to try, but you’ll probably be wasting your time.
At no point does Media Mister claim to offer the industry’s lowest prices but instead talks about cost-effectiveness and value for money. Either way, they have a huge range of products and services starting from as little as $2.00. 
The stability of Media Mister’s products is guaranteed in the form of an initial retention warranty, valid for 60 days following delivery of the purchased products. This is the longest retention warranty of any comparable social media growth company on the web.
Turnaround times vary from one product and package to the next – anything from one to seven working days. The delivery process gets underway within a few hours, and the rest takes place gradually to maintain discretion.
Media Mister accepts almost every popular payment method going, including most types of credit and debit cards and a long list of online wallets and cryptocurrencies. All with no transaction fees or processing fees whatsoever.
Head over to the Media Mister Privacy Policy for full details on the company’s data collection, storage, and utilization policies. Though in short, Media Mister claims to handle all information from customers with the strictest confidence, with security as their top priority. 
Media Mister Review: Is it a Scam or Legit? Here’s the Truth - UrbanMatter Media Mister Review: Is it a Scam or Legit? Here’s the Truth - UrbanMatter
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