Facebook and Instagram came with a bang and in no time they won people’s interest. No doubt, they used to be the pioneer when it comes to launching a new feature. But with time things change and they take the other way round as well. With the rise of TikTok, it seems all the limelight and attention was diverted to this video app, and with time Meta had to copy it in order to remain green for its subscribers. Meta copied Reels from TikTok for Instagram and Facebook, which got popular in no time and now come up with Reels Features.
While TikTok was banned several times in Pakistan and many other countries as well, Instagram in no time copied Reels. And now it is also launching better features. This time Instagram is adding the ability to make Longer Instagram Reels up to 90 seconds.  Other than this, Meta is also adding new features for both Instagram and Facebook, and much anticipated among these is the “Sound Sync” feature on Facebook Reels.
This most awaited feature can automatically synchronize video clips to the beats of their favorite song. People are saying that this feature is also inspired by YouTube and TikTok, which offer videos up to 10 minutes which was previously 3 minutes. Other than this, Meta is working on monetization possibilities for Reels on Instagram to help people grow.
The company announced these new features in a blog:
Today, we’re starting to roll out new creative tools across Facebook and Instagram Reels. These updates will not only make it easier to make and edit Reels, but also to get discovered by new audiences. On Facebook, we’re rolling out suggested Reels in Feed globally to help you get discovered by people around the world. We’ve also expanded Reels in Watch globally, so people can find Facebook Reels in Feed, Groups and Watch. On Instagram, creators have the option to recommend their reels on Facebook to expand the reach of their content,”
Other than this, Reels on Instagram are going to be more interactive as people will be able to interact using stickers. Other than this, users would soon be able to import their own audio from Instagram Reels through a tool. On Facebook, soon people would be able to schedule Reels on desktop. Audio Tools are coming to Facebook Reels as well which will make interaction with each other better.
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