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DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / May 10, 2022 / Metaverse, as a concept while not new, is showing its effect on the collective psyche and imagination of people with a popular announcement by Facebook which looks to rebrand itself “Meta” in a bid to cash in on, what it believes is, the proverbial “next big thing.”
A virtual world that opens up almost limitless possibilities and opportunities to collaborate, build, work, play and more – what we can do with and in the metaverse is limited by our own imagination. While this has gotten the entire world excited, we are still caught between the age-old fight between centralization and decentralization.
Centralized or decentralized? A “meta” conundrum!
While centralized entities like Meta with their huge money bags are looking to control every aspect of your life, even in the virtual world, blockchain technology with its promise of decentralized democracy is looking to give power back into the hands of the people who will actually use the metaverse. So where are we now, where are we going, and what would be the ideal scenario?
With blockchain technology came the promise of democracy, inclusivity and decentralization. A technology that can help spawn countless use cases that have the ability to touch every aspect of human endeavor. And open doors to unseen possibilities. DeFi, TradFi, GameFi, SocialFi, metaverse – these are the opportunities and use cases that have literally taken the world by storm. So much so that the traditional gatekeepers of these industries and sectors have stopped to take interest.
And with every new technology, the biggest movers who come immediately after the early proponents usually come with big money. They are the big centralized corporations.
We already have Meta that plans to change the way we work and play on the internet!
The problem with centralization is obvious – what is yours, isn’t actually yours. We are talking about data privacy and protection and the way your experiences are designed. You are essentially held hostage by the large corporations that run the metaverse you are interacting with.
That brings us to the decentralized world. The fierce proponents of the decentralized world want the power where it should be – with the people who interact with the metaverse. Decentraland, The Sandbox and many other metaverse-themed projects are being run as a DAO where the ultimate power resides, not just with a small group of individuals with vested interests, but with the community who govern the way the platform works and runs. Rather than operating services designed to extract monetary value from users, Web3 innovators, as metaverse developers are known, create platforms that aim to empower people.
The interest in decentralized metaverses is justified and venture capitalists have poured in over $30 billion in the development of these projects in 2021.
Is my pie truly decentralized?
But any decentralized system is really never truly decentralized. Because a metaverse project has to be developed and brought into fruition from the drawing board by a small team of dedicated developers. The primary scope, vision, facilities, possibilities, etc. of a metaverse have to be initially decided by a small group of individuals who can later relinquish power to the community once critical mass of adopters is achieved. But by the time the project comes in the hands of the community, there is not much that can be done, apart from deciding how it runs.
But what if a DAO decides what kind of metaverse it wants to create? What if a community chalks out the vision, scope and facilities and other aspects of a metaverse from scratch, and then develops it using an ready-to-use metaverse building engine? What would that bring to the table? What kind of waves such an engine would make?
That is exactly what MetaPlayerOne aims to do. Create a decentralized metaverse builder, where anyone – an individual, a group or a community – can build and operate facilities, host the entire metaverse – the entire engine – all of which is still pretty centralized at the moment.
How MetaPlayerOne seeks to empower people to build their own metaverses
MetaPlayerOne, driven by DAO Metaplayer, seeks to empower literally anyone to build their own metaverse quickly and set up the rules that govern the working of the metaverse. However, these metaverses will not be isolated; they are interconnected by MP1 Protocol and the coordination is called Alpha-Zeta ecosystem. Projects can also integrate monetization capabilities within Metaverse (or MetaSpaces) or set up commercial 3D marketplaces (MetaStores), build showrooms, mint items in the store and do so much more.
Alpha-Zeta will be connected through The Portal – WEB3, Metaverse, GameFi activity monitoring tool, search engine, metadata hub and a teleport that helps users traverse any metaverse without leaving their own metaverse. is also a decentralized networking platform specially designed for the Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) to manage community, support new meta projects, and build new metaverses.
MetaPlayerOne has integrated the best of metaverse-related aspects into DAO governance and activities, along with gaming and real-world use cases.
The mission of MetaPlayerOne is to restore the power of communities by supporting DAO coordination principles.
The summary of the DAO Metaplayer Manifest:
Humanity will never be self organized enough to follow natural rules and never be humane enough to prevent violence. Our mission is to bring power to DAOs derived from bright missions, connected by common interests and values.
DAO Metaplayer will contribute to the Decentralized Meta Sandbox Project – MetaPlayerOne to decentralize Metaverse as much as possible.
We have deployed the MetaUnit token contract to drive this mission. The MEU token has to be mined by the wallet performance of minting and selling NFTs on Ethereum Network. Wallets holding MetaUnits will structure the DAO Metaplayer with the voting power equal to MEU quantity.
We have built special projects in 4 Metaverse promising projects to get all of you familiar with our mission and engage gradually to the movement.
DAO Metaplayer will drive the Project to the full decentralization just like Bitcoin or Ethereum to work on the MP1 Protocol (Distributed Hosting Protocol) to have MetaVerses server distributed.
Shard Crystals of MetaSkynet – NFT Collection created to manage Prime Membership in the DAO Metaplayer, we gave them some power of minting assets and supervision of the activity in Meta, additionally Crystals of Power have been invented to authorize validators to manage contributors and coordinators of the Project involved in 5 different activity types:

Parting thoughts
A decentralized metaverse is one where creators are sovereign over their own creations and identities. While it is good to build a platform inside an ecosystem that is owned by someone else, it is important, nay vital, for the decentralized ecosystem to empower creators to build their own theme parks, games and metaverse experiences that are entirely independent. It is then that the metaverse experiences will truly belong to the people who make and enjoy them.
The metaverse builder engine of MetaPlayerOne is a gamechanger in the decentralized world, what you can build with it is only limited by your imagination.
Company Info:
Meta player One
Dubai Silicon Oasis – Dubai UAE
[email protected]
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MetaPlayerOne Metasandbox Is Coming, Does It Make Sense for Everyone To Build Their Own Metaverses - Digital JournalMetaPlayerOne Metasandbox Is Coming, Does It Make Sense for Everyone To Build Their Own Metaverses - Digital Journal
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