WASHINGTON (PRWEB) June 09, 2022
The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), the principal trade association for the software and digital content industries, announces the 46 winners of the 2022 CODiE Awards in business technology. The winners were presented during a virtual awards celebration in the metaverse on June 8. The announcement drew a global audience, with 45 business technology categories, including seven new categories honoring leadership, recognizing outstanding companies, individuals and teams.
All of the nominated products were first reviewed by business technology leaders, including senior executives, analysts, media, consultants, engineers and investors, whose evaluations determined the finalists. Then SIIA members voted on the finalist products, with the scores from both rounds tabulated to select the winners. Winners represent the most innovative and impactful products from technology developers and related technologies.
“Even during these tumultuous times, business application, software, service and product providers continued the industry’s long tradition of developing and marketing innovative solutions to meet business needs,” said SIIA President Jeff Joseph. “We are proud to recognize this year’s class of CODiE Award winners. They truly represent the best of the best in a highly-competitive and ever-evolving market.”
Best Artificial Intelligence Driven Technology Solution
Replicant, Replicant AI    
Best Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Content Solution
Lexis+, LexisNexis    
Best Big Data Reporting & Analytics Solution    
Gurucul Analytics-Driven SIEM, Gurucul    
Best Business Information or Data Delivery Solution
Visual Explorer, Mode Analytics    
Best Business Intelligence Solution
RatePoint, PRO Unlimited
Best Compliance Solution
Axon Market Data Compliance Platform, TRG Screen
Best Construction Management Platform
CupixWorks, Cupix
Best Corporate / Enterprise Learning Solution
Attensi Platform, Attensi
Best Customer Data Platform (CDP)
BlueConic Customer Data Platform, BlueConic
Best Customer Education LMS
Brightspace, D2L    
Best Customer Service Solution
WorkBlaze, HCL Technologies    
Best Data Tools & Platforms
Data Navigation System (DNS), Promethium
Best DevOps Tool
LaunchDarkly, LaunchDarkly    
Best Digital Asset Management Solution    
Imagen Pro, Imagen    
Best Emerging Technology
Honeywell Forge, Honeywell    
Best ERP Solution
Best Financial & Market Data Solution
Application Compliance Manager, Calero-MDSL    
Best Financial Management Solution
CCH® Tagetik Account Reconciliation, Wolters Kluwer    
Best FinTech Solution
LeaseQuery, LeaseQuery LLC
Pipe: The Trading Platform for Recurring Revenue, Pipe    
Best Healthcare Technology Solution
Pulsara MED OPS, Pulsara
Best Human Capital or Talent Management Solution
Appcast Premium, Appcast
Best Identity & Access Management (IAM) Solution
Kion 3.0, Kion    
Best Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)
Red Hat Integration, Red Hat, Inc
Best IT Management Solution
BigPanda, BigPanda    
Best Legal Solution
Kluwer Arbitration, Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory US
Best Marketing Solution
Customer Experience Automation (CXA), ActiveCampaign
Best Network Security Solution    
BOSS (Business Operations Security Suite), UncommonX    
Best No Code/ Low Code Platform
OutSystems 11, OutSystems    
Best Payments Solution
2Checkout Monetization Platform, Verifone
Best Platform as a Service
SaaSOps Platform, Corent Technology, Inc.
Best Project Management Solution
Polaris PSA, Replicon, Inc.
Best Sales & Marketing Intelligence Solution
Mastermind, automotiveMastermind    
Best Subscription Billing Solution
2Checkout Monetization Platform, Verifone
Best Technology Solution Deploying FIPS 140 Validated Encryption sponsored by SafeLofic    
NetBackup, Veritas Technologies
Best Wellness Solution
Upstrive Education, MindMotions LLE
Best Work Management Platform
Qualia, Qualia    
Best Business Technology Pivot    
Business Technology Leadership Award    
Client Success Team of the Year
TechTarget, Inc.    
Company of the Year
Excellence in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion in Business Technology    
Marketing Team of the Year
athenahealth, Inc.
Product Management Team of the Year
HCL Technologies
Best Overall Business Technology Solution
The Best Overall Business Technology Solution was awarded to Honeywell Forge by Honeywell, which had the best scores from both rounds of judging of all of the products entered in the business technology categories.
Details about the winning products can be found at https://siia.net/codie/business-technology-winners/.
About the SIIA CODiE™ Awards
The SIIA CODiE Awards is the only peer-reviewed program to showcase business and education technology’s finest products and services. Since 1986, thousands of products, services and solutions have been recognized for achieving excellence. For more information, visit siia.net/CODiE.
About Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA)
SIIA is the only professional organization connecting more than 450 data, financial information, education technology, specialized content and publishing companies. Our diverse members provide the critical data, content and information that drives the global economy, informs financial networks, connects learners and educators, and drives innovation. Learn more at siia.net.
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