Smart Donation Coin Emerges as the First SocialFi Platform for Bloggers' Content Monetization -

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Smart Donation Coin allows content makers to earn without a social network’s partner programs and the audience to donate to bloggers without restrictions.
Kyiv, Ukraine–(Newsfile Corp. – April 21, 2022) – Smart Donation Coin has managed to change the narratives of content monetization through its exclusive platform. It implements a new concept of content monetization.
SocialFi is the latest monetization method that combines social networks and finance, integrating them into a single decentralized ecosystem. One of the first projects that offered an implementation of the idea of SocialFi was the Smart Donation Coin service. In 2021, it was founded by a team of crypto enthusiasts who wanted to free bloggers and their audience from the monopoly of social networks. They have created a whole ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain.
Smart Donation Coin offers 3 ways to monetize content:
The project allows content makers to earn on creativity without social network’s partner programs and the audience to donate to bloggers without restrictions.
SDC supports different social networks: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, and Tiktok. Other platforms will be integrated in the future. The platform itself looks for advertisers and publishes advertising tasks in a convenient interface. All that a blogger must do is complete the job they are interested in. Payment takes place in the native token of the SDS platform, which can then be converted into any cryptocurrency or fiat currency.
Furthermore, there are no restrictions on monetization and withdrawal of funds in SDC since tokens are received immediately to the blogger’s wallet (Trust Wallet or Metamask). The number of tokens accrued depends on the blogger’s audience in a ratio of 1:10. For example, if a blogger has 10,000 subscribers, 1000 SDC tokens will be credited to his wallet. These tokens are frozen, i.e., users cannot exchange them for another asset.
To unfreeze tokens, a blogger can perform simple advertising tasks. With each completed job, a predetermined number of tokens will be unfrozen, which means they can be exchanged for another cryptocurrency and converted to fiat currency. The donation system is the second tool for monetizing content on Smart Donation Coin. By connecting bloggers and the audience through a decentralized network, the service offers a safer alternative to supporting content makers. Potential users can send money to a blogger in Smart Donation Coin using the following ways:
Thanks to the advanced Binance Smart Chain blockchain, SDC developers achieved minimal commissions for transfers through the platform’s donation system. At the same time, if the user wants to get up to a 15% discount on the commission, he can donate immediately in the SDC token. There are many ways to use the platform, and different people can benefit from joining the Smart Donation Coin ecosystem. It is a good option for:
Users can learn more about the Smart Donation Coin project on the following links:

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Smart Donation Coin Emerges as the First SocialFi Platform for Bloggers' Content Monetization -
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