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If early business transactions in the digital space were focused on sponsored content and product launches with existing companies, today, top YouTube stars want to build their own ventures from the ground up.
Helping facilitate this shift — in addition to assisting with the other demands of being a digital star —are managers and agents, who are among the most important figures in a creator’s career.
Though the lines between the two roles continue to blur, agents are traditionally more deal-focused, representing larger swaths of creators, while managers are more holistically attuned to YouTubers’ day-to-day careers.
It’s somewhat fitting, then, that some of the managers who have risen to become the best in the business started out as close friends or even family members of early clients — like Rare Global founder Ashley Villa, whose sister is the YouTuber Stephanie “Soothing Sista” Villa, or Matt Philips, who founded what would become Human Media Group with his middle school best friend-turned-YouTube phenom Charlie “Cr1TiKaL” White.
But being a manager or agent is more than just being a friend; they help their clients organize their days, make money, and choose which business opportunities to pursue.
“Everyday is different,” Christina Jones, senior vice president at Digital Brand Architects, told Insider about the role. “In the past two years, the bigger conversations have been around what we can do that’s outside of the norm. A lot of my meetings and calls with talent, and on behalf of talent, are around bigger projects.” 
These projects are both online and off, as influencers have grown their businesses to include speaking engagements, products, or roles in traditional film and television series. Some top YouTube stars also want to build their own IP.
Jones, for instance, helped her client, beauty influencer Patrick Starrr, launch his cosmetics company One/Size, which is now sold at Sephora. Meanwhile Zack Honarvar assisted creator Airrack in launching his online film school Creator Now, and Matter Media Group’s Evegail Andal helped YouTubers Alisha Marie and Ashley Nicole build Parallel Apparel.
As the space continues to grow, so do the options for different types and styles of management. While some management firms and agencies are establishing broad client rosters, others are more focused. Clique Now, for instance, predominantly represents Asian American talent, while Shannae Ingleton leads Kensington Grey’s diverse network of Black creators.
Legacy agencies like CAA, WME, and UTA, are representing more digital stars then ever before and helping their clients branch out into new media verticals, from book deals to television roles. In recent years, former Hollywood agents have also left these top firms to launch their own boutique companies. 
With our third annual power list, Insider is recognizing the 22 leading managers and agents who represent YouTube creators. Culled from our own reporting and nominations from industry experts, listees were chosen based on both their longevity in the space and their greater impact in moving the influencer industry forward.
The 22 managers and agents are listed below in alphabetical order:
Evegail Andal is the founder of Matter Media Group.
Evegail Andal launched Matter Media in 2016 after arriving to the beauty vlogger scene through a social media strategy role at NYX Cosmetics. 
While the firm started out as a beauty and lifestyle management company with clients like Alisha Marie, Remi Cruz, and Louie Castro, it’s since expanded to work with comedy vloggers, including Vlog Squadders Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar.
“My interests weren’t solely around beauty or fashion,” Andal said. “It was really about people and the stories they are sharing.”
In June 201, Andal helped Alisha Marie and Ashley Nicole launch Parallel Apparel, a semi-luxury basics brand founded and funded by the sisters. And in March 2021, she spearheaded the launch of Daisy Marquez’s canned wine brand, Bare.
While Matter isn’t signing new clients at the moment, Andal said that follower count is only about 15% to 20% of the puzzle when it does.
“It’s about consistency and the ability to tell a story and showcase who you are,” she said. 
Content categories: Beauty, lifestyle, comedy
Talent: Adelaine Morin, Mia Sayoko, Jair Woo, Vivian Fo-Farmer
For a full list of managers who work for creators at Matter Media, see our interactive database.
Julian Andrew reports to Select’s partners Lisa Filipelli, Scott Fisher, and Amy Neben.
Andrew, who joined Select Management Group in 2020, focuses on managing LGBTQ creators, like creators Ian Paget and Chris Olsen.
Founded in 2014, Select is led by partners Lisa Filipelli, Scott Fisher, and Amy Neben, and the firm represents creators and celebrities in the digital and traditional entertainment spaces. Select manages top YouTube stars including Lauren Riihimaki (LaurDIY), and Aspyn Ovard and Eva Gutowski (MyLifeAsEva). In addition, Select also helps clients develop and produce film and TV projects under its entertainment holding company, Third Act.
In his role as talent manager, Andrew works with his clients on finding brand endorsements and partnerships with the likes of Netflix , Starbucks, and T-Mobile; planning live events and appearances; securing book, film, television and music projects; and creating consumer products.
Aside from YouTube stars, he also manages “Rupaul’s Drag Race” Queen GottMik and professional dancer Dexter Mayfield.
Andrew has worked in the talent management and digital content space for over 10 years. Prior to joining Select, he helped grow the men’s talent vertical at the talent firm Socialyte and was a digital content producer for fashion events.
Content categories: Fashion, lifestyle
Clients: Jasmine Shao (Studyquill), Chris and Ian, Maddi Bragg
For a full list of managers who work for creators at Select, see our interactive database.
Lucia Ayson reports to Jake Webb, Slash Management’s president and cofounder.
Ayson focuses on managing millennial and Gen-Z creators in the fashion and beauty space, like YouTube creator and artist Linh Truong.
“When I look for new talent, I am looking for those who are typically underrepresented,” Ayson said. “You’ll notice that my roster is all people of color, and I want to be able to uplift those voices.”
Ayson joined Slash in 2020, and since then, she has worked to connect her clients with brands like Sephora Collection, Best Buy, Nike, and Adidas.
She got her start in talent management in 2015 at the now defunct multi-channel network Style Haul. 
Slash is a full-service digital studio focused on brand building and IP creation. The company has a photo studio, a podcast studio, and a YouTube studio for content creation in Los Angeles.
Content categories: Beauty, fashion, lifestyle
Clients: Kia Davidson (TheNotoriousKIA), Princess Mae, Linh Truong
For a full list of managers who work for creators at Slash, see our interactive database.
Mahzad Babayan reports to Ali Berman, UTA partner and co-head of digital talent.
Mahzad left her career in the film industry seven years ago to join the creator world.
“At the time, there was a lot of initial excitement with creators who were building audiences on YouTube and Vine,” she said. “I saw a real opportunity to get in on the ground floor. I was really able to forge my own path.”
At talent agency UTA, Babayan has helped YouTube comedy duo Cody Ko and Noel Miller, her longtime clients, build out their podcast and content studio, TMG Studios.
Since the end of 2021, Ko and Miller have launched two YouTube shows — “Trillionaire Mindset” and “Brooke & Connor Make a Podcast” — under the TMG banner, and they have multiple other series they will be launching through TMG later this year. 
Babayan has also worked to help Miller transition his YouTube audience into in-person ticket sales, planning and scheduling his upcoming comedy tour with UTA’s comedy touring division.
She also works closely with YouTube vlogger and prominent trans creator Miles McKenna to help him find new opportunities in film and TV, and with TikTok stars like Remi Bader, who recently closed a seven-figure deal to partner with Victoria’s Secret as an ambassador and brand consultant.
Babayan and her colleagues also help non-digital clients expand to social media. She recently worked with culinary creator Nick DiGiovanni to develop a social content strategy and launch his YouTube channel, which has amassed nearly 5 million subscribers in less than a year.
Categories: Podcasting, comedy, lifestyle
Clients: Cody Ko, Noel Miller, Nick Digiovanni, Chuckle Sandwich, Miles McKenna, Enya Umanzor, Drew Phillips
For a full list of agents who work for creators at UTA, see our interactive database.
Eyal Baumel is the president of Yoola.
Eyal Baumel only represents one client at Yoola, but she’s a big one: Like Nastya, the YouTube wunderkind who has 260 million subscribers and has averaged 100 million views on a daily basis for the past two years, he told Insider. 
In fact, Baumel stepped down as CEO of multi-channel network Yoola in January and now serves as the company’s president — a move he made so he could devote more time to Nastya’s day-to-day management. 
Now, inspired by the Disney model, his aim is to build a full-fledged entertainment franchise around the eight year old, he said.
They’re already well on their way, with a successful TikTok presence (somewhat of a rarity in the children’s space); an animated series in development at Will and Jada Smith’s Westbrook; a myriad of consumer products alongside licensing partner Jazzwares; and an NFT venture with Gary Vaynerchuk. Plus, a line of bath products with Nectar and healthy food items are on the way. 
Content categories: Children’s
Talent: Like Nastya
For a full list of managers who work for creators at Yoola, see our interactive database.
Ben Davis leads WME’s digital department with Jad Dayeh.
Since beginning his career in the WME mail room almost 11 years ago, Ben Davis has become a pioneer in the digital space.
He co-runs the agency’s digital group and its podcast division, while representing a panoply of original YouTube stars like Casey Neistat and Rosanna Pansino.
“Many of our clients have managers as well, and we have a great working relationship with them, and oftentimes we tag team,” Davis said. “There’s a level of intimate support that managers provide in a very complementary fashion to us.”
Some recent success stories? An ongoing branded-content deal between tech review creator Marques Brownlee and Best Buy, and cooking creator Binging With Babish’s cookware line, which was a top seller on Amazon, he said.
Davis is also particularly excited about the podcast space, including Bailey Sarian’s Apple and Spotify chart-topper Dark History. 
“YouTube creators are historically undervalued, and podcasts are a very well-defined format and medium, so there’s interesting monetization potential there,” Davis said.
Content categories: Science, food, tech, gaming, beauty
Talent: VSauce, Rosanna Pansino, Casey Neistat, Marques Brownlee, Andrew Rea, Sean Evans, Logan Paul, Bailey Sarian
For a full list of agents who work for creators at WME, see our interactive database.
Ian Dokie is the founder of Concurrent Studios.
Dokie knows what it’s like to be a YouTube creator, having started his career as one before launching management firm Concurrent Studios in 2019.
Concurrent Studios manages digital creators who produce nonfiction content. The firm’s roster mainly focuses on science, tech, engineering, and math, though it also includes creators in the arts and comedy spaces.
Dokie works with his clients on creating branded content, scheduling live events, testing new platform features, and developing relationships with merchandise companies to create custom products to sell to fans.
Last year, Dokie and his team helped their client, science creator Nigel Braun, test out YouTube’s new TikTok-like feature, Shorts. Braun’s Shorts channel now has over 2 million subscribers, and his most-popular video has 101 million views.
And in 2020, Dokie worked with YouTube star Michael Reeves on landing a partnership with Amazon Prime. In 2021, Reeves’ video, in which he recreates a scene from the Amazon Prime Video series “The Boys,” won a Streamy Award for Best Branded Video.
Content categories: Science, tech, engineering, math
Clients: Michael Reeves, TheBackyardScientist, William Osman, NileRed, illymation
For a full list of managers who work for creators at Concurrent, see our interactive database.
Reed Duchscher is the founder and CEO of Night.
Reed Duchscher is a former NFL sports agent who first fell down the YouTube rabbit hole in 2014 as a fan of Dude Perfect. At the same time, he became enthralled by the business prospects of the digital landscape — particularly the teams surrounding early creators, who didn’t have traditional representation in place.
After working internally with the trick shot quintet on brand deals, he took the plunge into full-fledged talent management in 2015 with the launch of his own firm, Night, and his first client, Typical Gamer
Since then, Night has grown from repping “Minecraft” and “Grand Theft Auto” streamers to working with a coterie of cross-category stars. Most notably, perhaps, is MrBeast, who Duchscher met through a happenstance Twitter DM in 2018. 
Night, which has six managers, helps creators build businesses, like MrBeast’s ghost burger chain MrBeast Burger and chocolate brand Feastables.
Duchscher is particularly interested in the new crop of YouTube verticals that are growing in popularity, including farming, user-generated meteorology streams, and poker and gambling channels.
Though Duchscher says he meets with five or six creators per week given his passion for the space, the company is incredibly picky about who gets signed. 
“Internally we have a lot of metrics of what we look for in creators,” he said. “There’s just not that many people that fit that bill.”
The firm is also using its expertise its create its own businesses, like financial services upstart Creative Juice, which invests in channels and serves as a creator bank of sorts. Creative Juice was co-founded by Night president Ezra Cooperstein and counts Night creators like MrBeast among its investors.
Content categories: Stunts, tech, dentistry, food, arts and crafts, fashion, beauty
Talent: MrBeast, ZHC, Safiya Nygaard, Dental Digest, Matt Stonie, MrBallen, Harrison Nevel, The Deal Guy, Typical Gamer, Preston, Moriah Elizabeth
For a full list of managers who work for creators at Night, see our interactive database.
Zack Honarvar is the founder and CEO of One Day Entertainment.
After graduating college in 2015, Zack Honarvar worked at Canadian ecommerce giant Shopify, where he quickly became acquainted with the creators behind YouTube channel Yes Theory after helping the travel collective launch its merch brands, Seek Discomfort and Fan Of A Fan. 
Seeing a gap in the space with respect to holistic talent management — as opposed to the transactional approach provided by multi-channel networks at the time — he quit his job at Shopify and moved to Los Angeles to launch One Day Entertainment in 2017, with Yes Theory as his first client.
In addition to forging brand deals with the likes of Google, Current, and Hopper, Honarvar is focused on helping creators build venture-backed tech startups.
This includes comedy and stunt vlogger Airrack’s Creator Now, an online school for aspiring vloggers, which raised $3 million in January. Honarvar and Airrack also recently launched a sauce that they refer to as a “transformational liquid” that can make any food taste like pizza.
One Day has a lean roster of just three clients, and Honarvar says the company is “not at all” looking to expand.
“We definitely operate less like a client-manager relationship and more — as cheesy and cliche as it sounds — like a family,” he said.
Content categories: Travel, stunts, comedy
Talent: Airrack, Yes Theory, The Cheeky Boyos
For a full list of managers who work for creators at One Day Entertainment, see our interactive database.
Shannae Ingleton Smith, head of influencer talent at Kensington Grey, works with her husband Sean Smith, head of operations.
Ingleton Smith is a Toronto-based influencer who founded Kensington Grey Agency in 2019 with her husband with the goal of representing Black influencers within the industry. 
In just one year, Kensington Grey has built a network of over 150 clients in both Canada and the United States. 
They work with a number of lifestyle, fashion, and family YouTube channels, and Ingleton Smith has helped her clients work with brands like Hello Fresh, Kate Spade, Pantene, and Skinceuticals. 
Having worked both in front of the camera and behind the scenes, her mission for the agency is rooted in diversity and inclusion, she said.
At Kensington Grey, Ingleton Smith focuses on growing clients’ businesses with brand deals and managing their schedules.
Smith has over two decades of leadership experience at companies like Vice and Time Inc. in sales, digital marketing, and creative direction. He oversees strategy, reporting, and finance at the firm.   
Content categories: Family, fashion, beauty, lifestyle
Clients: Arnell Armon, Chizi Duru, Karen Brit Chick, Beleaf Mel, IamMaryBennett, Shaneice Crystal
For a full list of managers who work for creators at Kensington Grey, see our interactive database.
Christina Jones, senior vice president, reports to Raina Penchansky, CEO, and Vanessa Flaherty, President.
Jones’ initial interest in YouTube creators came after learning more about the industry from her friend Alison Anderson, who runs a travel YouTube channel with 629,000 subscribers. 
“She showed that you definitely could monetize off of this and really create an engaged audience,” Jones said.
So in 2014, Jones, who was working in television, interviewed at the YouTube multi-channel network Studio71, putting together a strategy deck for YouTuber Patrick Starrr as part of the process. Starrr became one of her first clients upon landing the gig, as did his fellow beauty influencer Manny “Mua” Gutierrez.
At the time she began working with them, they only had 100,000 followers each, she said. Now, they each have over 4 million subscribers on YouTube. Starrr launched a cosmetics company, One/Size, in 2020, and Gutierrez has an eyeshadow palette with Morphe.
In 2018, she joined the talent management firm Digital Brand Architects (DBA), taking Starrr and Gutierrez with her.
In her role, Jones has helped her YouTube clients launch products and build partnerships with brands like Samsung, Target, and Pinterest. She also works with her clients to utilize some of the business services DBA offers, including its products division, Digital Brand Products; podcasting studio, Dear Media; and conference series and platform, Create and Cultivate.
DBA was acquired by United Talent Agency in 2019, and the firm represents over 160 influencers across the travel, family, fashion, food, home, and beauty verticals. 
Content categories: Family, beauty
Clients: Blanca Garcia, Jessi Malay, Kier Gaines, Manny Mua, Nazanin Kavari, Patrick Starrr, Terrell and Jarius, Yasmin Maya
For a full list of managers who work for creators at DBA, see our interactive database.
Peter Letz, digital media agent, reports to the co-heads of digital media David Freeman and Frank Jung at CAA.
Letz joined CAA in 2018, and since then, he has worked with streamers and influencers within the gaming industry to help them expand into new verticals.
He’s closed a series of deals for streamer Dr Disrespect, including a scripted television deal with Skybound Entertainment (producers of “The Walking Dead”), a book deal with Simon & Schuster, and a branded collaboration with WWE Wrestler, The Undertaker. 
He has worked to connect his clients with companies like Fan Duel, Puma, and Mountain Dew.
“If you have a YouTube channel, and you just stop posting, or a Twitch channel, and you stop streaming , that business dies,” Letz said, explaining why growing beyond one platform is so important.
Content categories: Gaming, live streaming, esports
Clients: Krew, Jacksepticeye, Game Grumps, Alpharad, The Completionist, Dr Disrespect, Nick Eh 30 and StoneMountain64
For a full list of agents who work for creators at CAA, see our interactive database.

Max Levine cofounded Amp Studios with creator Brent Rivera.
Levine launched Amp Studios with YouTube star Brent Rivera in 2017.
Levine now manages Rivera — who has millions of followers across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. 
Amp is a media company that works with creators across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok to launch original content; partner with brands like Starbucks, Nike, and Prada; and develop intellectual property. 
The firm’s strategy is centered around creating scripted shows for YouTube and TikTok, and its clients have also acted in television commercials.
Levine previously cofounded the social-engagement platform Shimmur, which is currently called
Content categories: Lifestyle, comedy, travel
Clients: Brent Rivera, Ben Azelart, Lexi Rivera
For a full list of managers who work for creators at Amp Studios, see our interactive database.
Amron Lopez, senior talent manager, reports to Victoria Bachan, the managing director of talent at Whalar Talent.
As part of the influencer marketing firm Whalar’s talent division, Lopez focuses on building the careers and brands of diverse talent spanning digital and traditional entertainment.
His clients include Filipino dancer Niana Guerrero, who has over 14 million YouTube subscribers and is one of the most popular creators in the Philippines, and comedy vlogger Macdoesit.
Whalar Talent helps clients on TikTok and YouTube secure partnerships with brands, and Lopez’s clients have sealed deals with companies like Globe Communications (one of the major telecommunication companies in the Philippines), Peacock, Google, Nestle, and Amazon. 
Lopez joined Whalar in 2020 from Authentic Talent, and he began his career at CAA in 2011.
Content categories: Beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, family
Clients: Niana Guerrero, Ranz Kyle, Macdoesit
For a full list of managers who work for creators at Whalar, see our interactive database.
Marienor Madrilejo reports to Jade Sherman, A3 partner and head of digital.
Marienor Madrilejo started her career at awards show production company Dick Clark Productions, where she worked on influencer relations. After forging close professional relationships at A3, she moved in-house in 2016 as an assistant. 
Today, she serves as a senior agent within A3’s alternative programming, digital media, licensing, and branding division in Los Angeles, where she’s currently signing new clients.
In addition to closing brand deals with companies that run the gamut from Walmart to Louis Vuitton, Madrilejo has helped challenge and gaming creator Guava Juice launch a toy brand at Walmart and Target, and has also helped lifestyle vlogger Nabela Noor and TikToker Avani Gregg transition into publishing with the books “Beautifully Me” and “Backstory,” respectively.
As part of her job, Madrilejo keeps a close eye on industry trends and is particularly attuned to the rise of short-form video. 
“YouTube Shorts has sprouted a new type of creator into the platform,” she says. “I’m interested to see how it evolves, especially since we are already seeing some branded campaigns that include Shorts as a deliverable.”
Content categories: Beauty, comedy, family, lifestyle, challenges, dance
Talent: Guava Juice, Familia Diamond, Larray, Avani Gregg, Dytto, Alan Chikin Chow
For a full list of managers who work for creators at A3, see our interactive database.
Brian Nelson and Brian Mandler are cofounders of The Network Effect.
Amid the recent rise of short-form content, Nelson and Mandler launched a media company, The Network Effect, squarely focused on this sector. 
Mandler previously worked at YouTube after Google acquired his voice messaging startup, SayNow, in 2011. Nelson, a manager in the music business for decades, previously helmed a record label founded by the artist Joss Stone. 
They launched The Network Effect as a marketing agency in 2015 at the dawn of TikTok predecessor Musical.lly and formed a talent management division two years ago.
While the company works with other clients in a more casual capacity — including sourcing brand deals and creating content strategies — it only manages the day-to-day careers of five clients on a full-time basis.
“We’ve done the due diligence,” Mandler said. “We always joke and say we are likely some of the only adults in the room when it comes to this world of short-form.” 
“It’s really like part-life coach, part-business advisor, and part-friend,” Nelson added of their approach. “Every day we chip away at our clients’ long-term goals while we’re managing them on the day-to-day, cultivating relationships at the platforms, and helping them hone their crafts.”
Content categories: Short-form comedy, lifestyle, acrobatics
Talent: Alyssa McKay, Hanna Montoya, Katie Feeney, Kory Little
Austin Mayster reports to the cofounders of Underscore Talent, Dan Weinstein and Reza Izad.
In 2020, Mayster left Hollywood agency UTA to join Underscore Talent, a firm founded by industry execs Michael Green, Reza Izad, and Dan Weinstein. He brought several of his clients with him, including lifestyle creator Rebecca Zamolo, who has 11 million subscribers.
The firm is focused on helping digital stars expand into TV and short-form video to become multiplatform creators. It also has a gaming division that works with gamers like Swagg, CodeMiko, and Scump.
In his role as partner, Mayster has helped his clients establish long-term deals with brands including separate two-year deals between fintech company Chime and YouTubers Roman Atwood and the Royalty Family, and a year-long video deal between fashion creator Alex Costa and tech company Whoop.
Before UTA, Austin was a senior talent manager at media company Studio71, where he first worked with current partners Weinstein and Izad.
Content categories: Family, lifestyle
Clients: The Royalty Family, The LaBrant Family, Rebecca Zamolo, Alex Costa, Roman Atwood, The Onyx Family, Dobre Brothers
For a full list of managers who work for creators at Underscore Talent, see our interactive database.
Travis McBride is the CEO of Spacestation Integrations.
McBride joined Spacestation Integrations in 2017, shortly after his cousin, YouTube star Shonduras, and Shonduras’ business partner, Sean Holladay, founded the Utah-based agency.
McBride handles all facets of influencer marketing for the firm, including budgeting, contract negotiations, campaign proposals, creative development, and paid ads for Spacestation Integrations. The company’s clients have worked with brands like Mattel, Squarespace, and Quarter Machine. 
Spacestation Integrations — the company’s management division — is one arm of the larger company, which includes several branches like Spacestation Gaming (a professional eSports team) and Spacestation Investments.
McBride and his team work closely with Toronto photographer Peter McKinnon, who grew from a few thousand YouTube subscribers to over 5 million in about 3 years with the help of Spacestation’s team.
Content categories: Family, lifestyle, photography, gaming
Clients: A for Adley, Shonduras, Peter McKinnon, Matt D’Avella, Emelia Hartford, Julie Nolke
For a full list of managers who work for creators at Spacestation, see our interactive database.

Matt Phillips is the CEO of Human Media Group.
Human Media Group CEO Matt Phillips found his way into talent management through his best friend from middle school, the Twitch and YouTube star Charlie ‘Cr1TiKaL’ White, who has 3.8 million followers and 10.3 million subscribers, respectively.
Phillips had a business background and started helping White out with early contracts. After launching their own management company, Double Helix Media, they merged the venture with another boutique shop — founded by creator Gibi ASMR and her husband — to form Human Media Group in 2019.
“Having Charlie and Gibi as those north stars of the company really emphasizes our creator-first mentality,” Phillips says. “We never like to say it or preach it. We just kind of let it speak for itself.”
All told, Tampa, Fl.-based Human now reps 150 creators, with roughly 60 on the ASMR side and the rest being variety streamers with a focus on gaming. It typically signs clients with upwards of 75,000 views per video, Phillips said, and currently has seven employees but is looking to expand its team.
Phillips notes that much of its work ties back to its ASMR focus and themes around relaxation, including a series of brand deals with Helix mattresses. 
Content categories: Gaming, variety streamers, ASMR
Talent: Cr1TiKaL, Gibi ASMR, Donut Operator, HowToBasic, Cold Ones
For a full list of managers who work for creators at Human Media Group, see our interactive database.
Nate Ruff is the founder of Odd Projects.
Odd Projects is a newer management company for creators with clients ranging from choreographer Matt Steffanina, who has 12 million subscribers on YouTube, to commentary YouTuber Jarvis Johnson, who has 1.7 million subscribers.
Ruff launched the firm in 2020 after leaving Anonymous Content and taking his full client roster with him.
Odd Projects works with creators to diversify their businesses into merchandise, books, podcasts, television, and more. He has secured partnerships for clients with brands like Google, Adidas, Squarespace, and Universal Music Group.
Recently, he’s worked to secure a television show for the sketch comedy channel 4YE Originals and a book deal for the video essay channel Nerdwriter. Ruff also brokered a deal for his client Jarvis Johnson to receive investment capital from Mythical Entertainment
Ruff began his career in the digital division at WME, where he focused on business development for both digital creators and celebrity talent. He exited to join Anonymous Content’s emerging platforms division where he continued to manage digital creators.
Content categories: Comedy, art, lifestyle
Clients: Matt Steffanina, Nerdwriter, Jarvis Johnson, Gingerpale, Ice Cream Sandwich
Ashley Villa is the founder and CEO of Rare Global.
Ashley Villa, an entertainment lawyer whose sister is the YouTuber Stephanie ‘SoothingSista’ Villa, worked as in-house counsel at early multi-channel networks Maker and StyleHaul before establishing her own talent shop, Rare Global, in 2014. 
Rare’s roster of 15 clients and 10 employees are predominantly female, Villa said, and the company is distinguished by its white-glove approach.
“We’re not here to wheel and deal, we’re here to be with you forever,” Villa says. “I don’t want to be dramatic, but if we bring you on, we’d love to stay with you through the end of your career.”
In terms of recent wins, Villa pointed to a handful of product collaborations, including Jenn Im’s jewelry line with 8 Other Reasons and Jessiva Vu’s Doe Lash collection. Rare also operates the Be Rare Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit that has furnished $35,000 to date in grants to female entrepreneurs. 
Content categories: Beauty, fashion, lifestyle
Talent: Jenn Im, Jessica Vu, Michelle Phan, Chloe Morello, Best Dressed, Gabriel Zamora
For a full list of managers who work for creators at Rare Global, see our interactive database.
Mylen Yamamoto Tansingco is the founder and CEO of Clique Now.
Clique Now, which Mylen Yamamoto Tansingco founded in 2012, comprises a team of eight employees focused on management of underrepresented creators, as well as CEOs who also tout public-facing personas, like Jubilee Media’s Jason Y. Lee and Andrew Chau of the Boba Guys.
Clique worked with early stars like the Fung Bros, BuzzFeed breakout Steven Lim, and wine expert David Choi.
“We’re in the community,” Yamamoto Tansingco said. “We’re rallying for #StopAsianHate, we’re supporting #HateIsAVirus, and making sure that the community is being represented through creators’ voices as authentically as possible.”
Clique also operates a sister company called Special Guest, which orchestrates brand deals between legacy businesses like Panda Express and underrepresented small businesses. As the team hits certain revenue goals, it gives back to charity. 
“We’re thinking about getting our B-corp,” she said. “But that’s going to be a lot of paperwork.”
Content categories: Comedy, food, fashion, CEOs
Talent: The Fung Bros, Steven Lim, Richie Le, Leenda Dong, Kevin Li
For a full list of managers who work for creators at Clique Now, see our interactive database.
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