As it continues to evolve its ad tools, and provide more opportunities for marketers to connect with its growing audience, TikTok has today announced the launch of a new Brand Safety Center, which will act as a key reference point for its various brand safety resources and guides.
As explained by TikTok:
The Brand Safety Center will serve as a central hub for all insights, articles, partnerships and other information related to brand safety and transparency at TikTok.” 
The new Center provides links to various resources and reports, including TikTok’s transparency updates, its platform rules, and an overview of its key pillars for brand safety.
There’s also a link to various case studies, and to TikTok’s latest blog posts on brand safety, as well as an overview of TikTok’s certification partnerships.
The Center also hosts a series of video overviews on TikTok’s various reports and safety tools.
It’s a handy compilation of TikTok’s brand safety offerings, and as the platform pushes to increase its monetization options, and build a more equitable, sustainable business, and make the most of its now massive user base, it could be a good way for brands to stay on top of the latest tools and updates, and get a better understanding of how TikTok is approaching each new element.
In future, TikTok says that it’s planning to expand its brand safety offerings in a range of ways, including the implementation of new definitions and standards for critical brand safety issues, including misinformation and ad adjacency, while it’s also looking to provide more support for creators and brands working together, a key piece of the broader TikTok puzzle.
TikTok needs to implement more monetization options for creators to keep them posting, and provide comparable money making opportunities to other social apps, which generally have more established monetization streams. As it does so, the Brand Safety Center will be another element in guiding these partnerships, and ensuring that adequate systems and transparency elements are in place to facilitate such opportunities.
It’s a good update for TikTok, which has already faced its fair share of questions about these elements. And with concerns relating to content moderation, the safety of TikTok challenges, exposure of minors and more, there are indeed some key brand safety considerations that need to be addressed.
The new Center goes some way in meeting that demand, and reassuring potential ad partners.
– Andrew Hutchinson @adhutchinson
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