A managed service provider (MSP) is an outsourced third-party organization that assumes management and responsibility for a predetermined set of day-to-day IT services to its users. These services include application, network and security and cloud management. An MSP may provide its services in combination with the services of other IT providers.
Let’s explore why you may use a MSP, how to choose a provider, then look at a list of top providers:
As both the technology and business landscapes continue to rapidly evolve – with AI and data analytics playing increasing roles – it is easy for an enterprise to be faced with teams that are spread too thin. Additionally, cyber threats and threat actors evolve as cybersecurity is now a dominant focus for enterprises.
MSPs address these challenges by providing enterprises with the means to address skills gaps or an overwhelmed workforce. Enterprises save resources in time and fees that could be used to hire and train staff. And MSPs can focus on the areas where they provide the most value, improving productivity and efficiency.
Managed service providers can keep an eye on emerging as well as known threats to ensure enterprise IT departments are always up to date and their clients are always protected.
Before selecting an MSP, the following areas are worth considering:
Scope. As MSPs can provide a wide range of services, not all MSPs will meet your requirements. An MSP that is well-suited for you meets your unique requirements – or better yet, is willing to adapt. 
Support. Understanding what kind of support you require is key. This begins with an assessment of your in-house support teams and what their limits are, then selecting an MSP that takes on tasks that in-house teams can’t handle. 
Alignment. Choosing an MSP is not just about the technology as there are added benefits to partnering with a provider whose values, beliefs, best practices and goals are aligned with your own.
Innovation, scalability and flexibility. An MSP needs to be innovative to stay at the top of the ever-evolving technology and business landscapes and thus ensure that your business evolves too. An effective MSP also needs to change with the dynamic needs of your business, including when you scale.
Accenture is a leading managed service provider that provides consulting services alongside clearly defined digital integration capabilities. Accenture offers systems for data integration, IoT framework development and AI integration among other emerging technologies. Its numerous services include business strategy, AI, metaverse, technology consulting and innovation, and automation. Accenture’s managed services for IoT and edge devices cater to the heterogeneous components of IoT and edge ecosystems. It also offers services in cloud transformation, engineering and security.
Capgemini leverages technology to empower business transformation in organizations globally. Capgemini commands expertise in fields like data, AI, cloud, connectivity, digital engineering, and software and platforms to meet the needs of businesses in design, strategy, operations and more. It also helps organizations incorporate the public cloud in their hybrid cloud strategies through its enterprise-grade managed services.
Deloitte is an industry-leading provider of consulting, tax, audit and assurance, and risk advisory services to thousands of companies. Deloitte helps enterprises deal with the rising complexity of today’s technology landscape, and improve application performance and business results through its application management specialists. The provider flexibly empowers enterprises to tailor their application management services to their business and IT goals. Deloitte offers services such as information management, enterprise resource planning and systems integration.
Cognizant partners with organizations to empower them to successfully transform their digital infrastructure and implement their cloud environments. The provider offers the Cloud Operate service, which is an end-to-end hybrid cloud offering that leverages artificial intelligence to serve cloud delivery models like platform-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service, functions-as-a-service and containers, among others. Cognizant’s offerings include provisioning and orchestration, monitoring and notification, security, governance, application performance management and more across the cloud management spectrum.
Atos is not only a leader in secure and decarbonized digital but is also present in the cloud and digital workspaces. The provider offers highly-rated managed services alongside top-class computing power and quantum machine learning. Atos also has a keen focus on cloud services, cybersecurity, AI and places a substantial focus on Industry 4.0, cognitive computing and data analytics.
Rackspace offers enterprises professional managed services, in industries such as finance and healthcare, that ease and accelerate their digital transformation, with expertise traversing applications, clouds, security and data. Founded in 1998, Rackspace boasts of over 3,000 cloud engineers across Windows, Linux and VMware. Rackspace approaches the cloud using a technology-stack-centric view as opposed to a contrast between public and private cloud infrastructures. It offers a flexible strategy to workload placements across clouds.
CDW combines technology, expertise, experience, industry-leading partnerships and end-to-end support to solve customers’ business challenges. CDW helps organizations manage their most complex applications and infrastructure through secure and holistic solutions. These solutions cover areas such as DevOps, cybersecurity, digital workspace solutions, digital transformation, and data center and network infrastructure among others.
HCL Technologies is a next-generation MSP that empowers enterprises to reconceptualize their businesses for the digital age. HCL Technologies offers enterprises three categories of an integrated portfolio of products and services; Engineering and R&D Services (ERS), IT and Business Services (ITBS), and Products and Platforms (P&P). These three categories are supported by HCL’s Mode 1-2-3 strategy, which is the center of HCL’s Digital Enterprise 4.0 focus as it aims to provide holistic services to ensure clients are not only covered today, but also future-ready.
With a presence globally, IBM provides many managed services in the market today, including supporting other MSPs either directly or through an MSP model. IBM provides innovation and business transformation solutions through IBM Cloud, IBM Watson for its AI services, IBM Consulting, IBM Security, IT infrastructure and IBM Research among others.
DXC Technology is an IT services company that leverages the power of technology to better the future of its whole ecosystem. DXC empowers global companies to not only run mission-critical systems but also modernize their IT infrastructure, optimize data architectures, and ensure scalability and security across cloud architectures. DXC offers services across analytics and engineering, applications, cloud, consulting, insurance BPaaS, and others.
Infosys stands as a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting. The company provides managed IT services for operational support alongside strategic services to enterprises. Infosys uses an AI-powered core to enable enterprises to prioritize the execution of change. Infosys also offers agile digital at scale to improve performance and customer satisfaction. It has a scalable delivery framework that fosters innovation and helps enterprises mitigate risks and align with their ecosystems.
LTI (Logic Technology, Inc.) is a technology solutions provider whose global infrastructure and enterprise solutions help customers realize their business objectives while lowering costs. Its enterprise solutions offer an exhaustive set of services across the SDLC. These enterprise solutions are in the industrial internet of things, energy markets, asset performance management and product life management sectors.
TruAdvantage managed IT services are an in-depth collection of turnkey IT management and support solutions for small to mid-sized enterprises. TotalCARE is TruAdvantage’s managed IT suite that creates an enterprise-grade IT department in the areas of infrastructure, strategy and support. It uses automation tools and staff to offer fast-response help desk support, proactive IT management and strategic guidance.
Wipro is an IT, business process and consulting services company that harnesses the power of hyper-automation, cognitive computing, the cloud, analytics, robotics and emerging technologies to empower its customers to adapt to and succeed in the digital world. It provides services in data, analytics and AI, consulting, applications, infrastructure services, and digital operations and platforms.
Tata Consultancy Services is a consulting-led, AI and ML-powered company with an integrated portfolio of technology, business and engineering services. TCS utilizes a mix of business intelligence and tech expertise to enact change and deliver optimized results. TCS offers managed services for cybersecurity, contact center and unified communications. The company empowers its clients with technical support (IT operations) to ensure the customer experience is improved and operations run more efficiently.
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