Twitter has launched Twitter Create, a mini-site that focuses on monetization opportunities for creators through the use of tips, insights and examples that the social media platform says will help those creators maximize their Twitter presence.
Twitter Create includes sections for creators in myriad vertical markets, such as podcasts and other forms of media, according to a Social Media Today report Tuesday (May 24). The mini-site highlights Super Follows, Spaces and some of Twitter’s other monetization opportunities, the report says.
There are also topic-based case studies, notes and blog posts aimed at helping creators make the most of the platform as well as an overview of Twitter’s monetization options in nine categories, according to the report.
Twitter Blue and Twitter’s other attempts at monetization have thus far fallen far short of expectations, but Twitter Create is another attempt to jumpstart that part of the platform’s future.
Twitter Create hopes to offer users with more specific guidance on maximizing their money-making opportunities on the site, which could make it a valuable resource for those considering their add-on options to incentivize subscribers, the report says.
Super Follower Only Spaces provide add-on tools that can push creators in the right direction as to how they can enhance their Twitter presence for a paying audience, according to the report.
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Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who has a pending $44 billion bid to buy Twitter, said he would like to turn the platform into a super app that would merge its public forum with features like chat, picture and video messaging, Facebook-style news feeds and a variety of other social media functions — including payments as a primary function.
On the May 16 All-In podcast, Musk pointed to the Chinese social media giant WeChat as a model for his social media ambitions. Like Twitter, it started off as a social platform, but it later found its true success when it added a mobile wallet and payment features.

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