Everyone’s got a podcast these days…
It looks like Twitter is working on integrating podcasts into the main experience on the site. We know this thanks to app researchers like Alessando Plaluzzi and Jane Manchun Wong; who both recently shared screenshots of the feature.
A dedicated section for podcasts is under development. The screenshots show it appearing in both the side menu and in the bottom navigation icons. What those sections could contain is anyone’s guess at this point.
Twitter could be working on a way for podcasters to upload directly to Twitter. It’s also possible that the section will be for discovery only, and link out to other services.
#Twitter is working on Podcasts 👀 pic.twitter.com/CqBm1qHV5H
Twitter did buy Breaker, a social podcasting service last year when it was working on Spaces. Could that, coupled with the newly found feature, mean that Twitter wants to get into broadcasting?
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I mean, it’s already the social media site of record, for many users. Spaces, their audio chatroom function, could be expanded to feature longer podcasts.
That would combine well with Twitter’s new monetization options, and its long-form blogging feature, which is also in development.
The other side of this is that Twitter will likely find it easier to monetize podcasts for its own revenue.
With over 40-percent of American adults listening to one podcast or more monthly, Twitter Podcasts would make prime advertising space.
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