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Try Nicole A. Taylor’s newest recipes for Juneteenth, and then make a plan for saag paneer, spicy shrimp masala and more.
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Good morning. Juneteenth is next weekend. Nicole A. Taylor put together a new menu for the holiday that’s worth considering today — recipes for those celebrating and for all those interested in the delicious: peach and molasses grilled chicken (above), for instance, and a very green coleslaw made with roasted poblanos, with watermelon ginger beer to wash it all down and a strawberry sumac cake for dessert.
Give those recipes a run-through today, and the practice will pay off both in the moment and when you bring them back. (You’ll find even more in Nicole’s new book, “Watermelon and Red Birds: A Cookbook for Juneteenth and Black Celebrations.”)
So that’s today: rehearsal chicken, that amazing slaw, the ginger beer and cake. As for the rest of the week …
When I make silken tofu with spicy soy dressing on a weeknight, I turn on my rice maker first, so there are hot grains to accompany the cold tofu. And while I love the dressing, a tablespoon of chile crisp or crispy black fungus adds another variable to the delicious.
This garlic chicken with guasacaca sauce is unreal, mostly on account of the sauce, which you might try with arepas, grilled steak, fried tofu or spread across a grilled cheese sandwich.
I don’t always cook with recipes, particularly in the middle of the week when I’m in no mood to follow anyone’s orders. You should give that a try. This prompt for a dinner of fettuccine with ricotta and a fistful of mint is a good place to start.
Here’s a spicy shrimp masala from the coastal cities of South Asia: Tomatoes, lemon and cilantro balance out the heat. Serve with basmati rice and a stack of the naan I learned to make from the British cookbook author Meera Sodha, who learned it from her aunt. Make extra rice, so that you can use it the next day to anchor …
… a platter of stuffed peppers, the leftover rice mixed with ground beef, chopped fennel and onion, fire-roasted tomatoes, plenty of spices and a topping of mozzarella. “So good and so simple,” one subscriber noted beneath the recipe.
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Housekeeping: The other day I turned you on to a story about the recent retirement of Acme Smoked Fish’s Gary Brownstein, which I read in The Forward. It was originally published in the New York Jewish Week.
Now, it’s nothing to do with cottage cheese or line-caught tuna, but I enjoyed Adam Nagourney’s article for The Times about the Chicana artist Judy Baca, who after 50 years is receiving widespread attention for her work.
In The Guardian, Simon Parkin has a fascinating look at the monetization of Albert Einstein’s likeness by his estate, which has earned $250 million since his death in 1955.
David Marchese of The New York Times Magazine interviewed Michelle Zauner, the musician (Japanese Breakfast) and memoirist (“Crying in H Mart”). Read that.
Finally, my pal Gilbert put me on to this new track from Angel Olsen, “Big Time.” (The video takes about a minute to set up its narrative before the song kicks in, but stick with it.) Listen to that while you’re cooking. And I’ll be back on Monday.


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